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Sioux Turtle

No description

ellee wood

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Sioux Turtle

. . In the Sioux culture, the turtle (Keya) represents the guardian of life, patron of healing, and controlled accidents. In legend, 'Keya' is in order of destroying all bad spirits that live in the water. . . To the sioux tribe, the turtle symbolizes long life, dedication, and stead fastness. The turtle is also very wise and hears many things but doesn't share it with anyone. Its shell is like a shield, so no arrows can go through it. This is a reason why the turtle is looked at as strong. . Turtle symbol. . ellee wood Sioux Turtle Sioux Turtle Most of the native americans would communicate their history, thoughts, ideas, and dreams through symbols or signs. The turtle symbol represents mother earth, but in other native american cultures it could mean something else. Resources:


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