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Watershed Vocab

No description

Chris Kniesly

on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of Watershed Vocab

To Help You Today
Vocab that is talking about water will be in BLUE
Vocab that is about land will be in TAN
It is where freshwater and saltwater mix! Aka: Where an ocean meets a river.
(this is called brackish water)
A watershed is an area of LAND that water flows across or through downstream on its way to a stream, lake or ocean.

It is also called a Drainage Basin

The peak of a hill or mountain.
Gravity pulls water to run down either side of a ridgeline.
Watersheds are separated by divides.

A stream that goes into a larger river

River System
A River and all its tributaries
Flood Plain
A flat area of land beside a river, which floods during heavy precipitation.
Great for growing food!!
Water that flows over land on its way to a river or stream.
Water that flows over land on its way to a river or stream.
Watershed Simulation
Stormy the Raindrop
Plastic Paradise
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