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welcome to washington

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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of welcome to washington

welcome to Washington
Did you know about the Washington economy well today is your lucky day did you know that amazon and Microsoft take place there.One also big part of Washigton is that they make airplanes.Washington is one of the main producers.Did you also know that technology is a main part of Washington.Washington also makes many more things that i cant all list.Also the Boeing factory is where they make airplanes.

Dozens of beautiful historic places are in Washington such as a bunch of historic light houses.Every where you go in Washington you will find tall standing beautiful historic buildings such as rail roads threaters and even churches. One of the awsome lighthouses is in Coupville, Washington.
Hi and today for my geographic location i chose MT.Rainier it is an active volcano that is still active.Mt.Rainier is the highest moutain in both Washington and the 48 contiguous states.Mt.Rainier is crowned the largest single peak glaciar outside of Alaska
Pike place market is a beautiful torist atraction and is a market for people to go. The fun thing is if you buy a fish they though the fishes up really high and catchit.Pike place market is also a world famous fish market in seattle and sells a a lot of other things such as flowers and even cloths.

Choice location
3.state dance: the square dance
Fun facts
Washington to Olympia is 1,345 miles
From Olympia to bowing factory is 85.5 miles
From bowing factory to Coup ville is 3,1o2 miles
from Coup ville to MT.Rainier is 139 miles
From MT. Rainier to Seattle is 84.0 miles
Road trip distance
1.state flower: Coast Rhododendron

2.Washinton was the only state to

be named after a President
4.State fruit:the apple
5.state fish: steel head trout

6.state tree:western hemlock
7.state bird:willow goldfinch
8.the state marine Mammal is the Orca
9.state vegetable the walla walla walla sweat onion
10.the space needle is 605 feet tall
Total road trip distance is
4,755.5 Miles!
this is a road map of washington
This ia a political map of Washington
This is a elavation map of washinton
This is a weather map of Washinton
Video time
This is my state song!
Jay Inslee first became involved with this kind of business when he helped build a new high school. Jay Inslee is also 63 and was born in 1951.Now let me tell you about The government the capital is Olympia there is 2 us senators and the population is 6.897 million (2012). The abbreviation is WA. In the state Washington people are called Washingtonian's.
By Layne Menuey
Ths is a video of the pike place market people throwing fish to grizzly bears
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