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MUET: Band 4 as a minimum for graduation

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on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of MUET: Band 4 as a minimum for graduation

Proposal writing :
During the first week,
all the group members came up with some issue to be discussed in a group.
five in the group
to discuss the each issue brought up.
On the 24th of September we finalised on which title that we would like to choose to do research on, which is about the issue “MUET: band 3 and above as the minimum requirement for graduation”.
came up with the complete draft and presented it to the class.
During that time, we also started on our proposal writing, discussing together the information that we need to complete it.

submitted the draft proposal on the 8th of October to our lecturer with the complete set of background of study, statement of problem, objectives, significance of study, limitation of study and methodology of the issue that we have chosen.
After the draft proposal submission, we were able to correct some of the mistakes in it with the lecturers’ advice and submitted the exact proposal on the sixth week of the class (15th Oct).
designed the questions for our questionnaire.
On the fourth week, which is the 1st of October, we presented our proposal in class.
During the presentation, explained on our problem statement of the project, objectives, significance of study, background of study, limitation of scope and the methodology.
During that time, our class members helped us to correct our mistakes after the discussions.
divided our work among the group members to complete the proposal writing.
Thank you!
looking towards the MUET subject and getting band 4 as the minimum requirement for graduation.
what are the problems for the students in scoring for the MUET.
change in the minimum requirement recently for both to enter and graduate from university to have at least band 4 in MUET
what do students think about it.

Gantt Chart
MUET: Band 4 as a minimum for graduation
Progress Report
Data collections :
came up with a full draft questions that are related to the case study.
discussed further about the case study of our group project and designed some extra questions to be inserted in the questionnaire.
So to complete the questionnaire we divided the work within ourselves and used the Facebook and Schoology as the medium for discussion.

Group Members
- Nur Sakinah (leader)
- Atiqah Johar
- Syafiqah Khalid
- Indumathi
- Tiffany
On the seventh week, we came up with the sample questions and discussed in the class. We also made a little bit change on the title as “MUET: Band 4 as a Minimum Requirement for Graduation”.
Some of the questions was corrected and the final copy of the questionnaire was submitted to our lecturer via Schoology.

On the 4th November, we started to distribute the questionnaires to the targeted population of our case study.
students from FSKTM that comprises of 50 students
We distribute the questionnaires to our target students and collected them to do analysis on our case study.
Finalised version of our questionnaire has been submitted on the 9th November.

Progress Report
oral presentation preparation for our progress report on the 12th November.
also analysing our data through the questionnaire that we have collected.
The oral presentation will be recorded.
will be submitted to the lecturer by 22nd November.
Purpose: people will get to know about the consequences of this issue in the university currently and the students responses towards this drastic decision of government.
After recording our presentation, we will be submitting it before the 22nd of November

After the oral presentation, we will be focusing on the data analysis of our questionnaire.
We will be doing the analysis and processing through the questionnaire that we have distributed previously.
The data calculation will be done by calculating the students choice on every questions that we have done in the questionnaire previously.
After the data presentation, we will be doing the data interpretation to see whether this issue has been marked as a important thing among the students or not.
We will also interpret our findings into words and explain it with the issues related.

Final report :
After the interpretation of the data that we have collected, we will be doing the report to summarize our research on this issue.
Will include the introduction on our group’s research issue which is “MUET: band 4 and above as a minimum requirement for graduation”.
include about our findings on this issue together with the students responses towards it.
a conclusion to this issue and include it in the report so others who will be reading our report could understand clearly on why we had made such conclusion to this issue.
will include some recommendation to overcome this problem among the university students
will include the references that we had used previously in our research.
report writing: 2nd December 2014 to 15 December 2014.
Then, we will complete the compilation of this report completely on 16th December 2014 and submit to the lecturer on 17th December 2014.
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