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Industrial Training SAMCO

No description

Husein Saleh

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Training SAMCO

Introduction to SAMCO
Saudi Air-Conditioned Manufacturing Company (SAMCO) is a joint venture between two company Juffali and Carrier.
Doing internship let me:
1- become more professional & Familiar with the works.
2- get experience working with different departments
3- working in safety is high priority.
4- Engineering always thingking of improve & develop
5- Face the real works and how to deal with problems and issues.
FROM: 23.FEB.2014
TO: 22.MAY.2014
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Industrial TRAINING

Details of experience
gain in the internship
Planning, Purchasing & Logistic
-Examine of the works done in these departments.
-Observe how the daily planning been done.
-Learn how the departments contact with each other.
-Examine Purchasing Methods.
-Examine Logistic works.
Husein Saleh Mauladdawilah EE089117
Saudi Air-Conditioning Manufacturing Company (SAMCO)

Presentation Outline
Introduction to SAMCO
Details of experience
gain in the internship
Questions & Answers
Producing different type of AC and different model
Be the world best Air-Conditioned Manufacturer
be the first choice for heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions worldwide.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Department visiting
-Safety Department
-Industrial Engineering Department
-Engineering Department
-Quality Control Audit
-Developing Department
-Maintenance Department
-Material & Purchasing Department
_Planning Department
-Logistic Department
Get used with the works in different department and learn how to deal with people.
Projects & Assignments
Industrial Engineering Time Study
Objective: Apply the LEAN principle to one of the production line and time study
Window Room Air-Conditioning
(WRAC) Engineering
Study the Circuit Diagram
Automation Projects
In this industrial training couple of Automation systems has been done
Production Line completed unit Counter.
Loading alarm.
Automatic shifts buzzers
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