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UofM Bookstore

No description

Winnie Yuen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of UofM Bookstore


Gem Evangelista
Ruidong Han
Tariro Mpofu
Winnie Yuen
Linyan Zhang
UofM Bookstore
an institutionally owned store
cost recovery basis
19 million dollar business
10 million from textbook sales
Textbook Ordering Process
instructor submits required texts
requests are sent to text book coordinators
bookstore researches about the textbooks
Research Procedure
sales history
used copies, electronic, etc.
Products to the Customer
delays in ordering is the bottleneck of the company
air shipping
extra storage
Inventory and Demand
analyze sales history
To ensure that inventory is sufficient for current and future sales:
monitoring enrollment
online and access code demand
used copies of text
Course package preparation
instructor sends copy to the bookstore
check for copyrights
send out for printing
send to bookstore for pricing
Inventory Controls
optimize delivery
benchmark return to suppliers
inventory analysis reports
consolidate textbooks to be returned
Commitment to Sustainability
local sourcing
less than 10% of merchandies comes from the USA
lower transport costs
lower emissions
depends on supplier
based on business partnerships
designated supplier program
offers high quality products
25% of staff are students
99% of positions follow the union/collective aggrement
group interviews
looks at skills, qualifications
offers orientation, training
constant communication with course coordinators
Background Image
UofMBookstore Pictures
forecasting demand
costs more to process used books
photocopying and lending
UofM Bookstore is highly sustainable and it's main goal is to aim for satisfcation to the students
Challenges and Conclusion
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