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A Vision for Hackettstown High School

No description

Patrick McQueeney

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of A Vision for Hackettstown High School

Academic Articulation
Leadership Articulation
Transition Program
Freshman Academy
Partnership Opportunities
Student Mentoring
Student Internships
Collaborative Programs
Professional Development Opportunities
Understanding by Design
Review sequences for cross-curricular connections to address Common Core Standards
Implementation of school-wide rubrics
EXAMPLE: Literacy
On-line Learning Environments
Balance AP offerings and increase number of students sitting for AP, PSAT, and SAT exams
Focus on supporting Best Practices in Special Education
Develop Grading Committee to consistently review and amend HHS grading policies to effectively measure student achievement and growth.
Expand SLE program to incorporate broader offerings: OPTION II Program
Instruction and Assessment
Extracurricular Offerings
10 Aspects of the Vision
Administration and Structure
Instruction and Assessment
Support Services
Extracurricular Programs
Sending Districts
Parent and Community Organizations
Accepts responsibility
Independent, motivated
Hard working and persevering
Digitally Literate
Critical Thinkers
How do we design experiences that produce these qualities in our students?
"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."
A Vision for Hackettstown High School
My Core Beliefs
1. ALL students can learn.
Faculty and Staff
Student focused
Committed to core beliefs
Effective Communicators
What unified principles can we use to guide instruction and develop our staff?
Diverse body of offerings focused on student choice and interests.
Develop "standard operating procedures" for evaluation and operation of clubs and programs.
2. Learning, not teaching, is the priority.
3. Student choice, collaboration, innovation, and hard work are essential for today's learners.
4. Parents, families, and the community are essential elements of the greater school community.
5. Educators must be "flexibly rigid".
Learning Outcomes
"...they are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience. " (Suskie)
Literacy Rubrics
Despite 98% passing rate on HSPA LAL, SAT scores in Critical Reading and Writing were lower than the corresponding SAT scores in Math.
Define what exemplary critical reading and writing is and develop unified rubrics to measure these expectations across disciplines.
Option II Program
All students may
go to college, all students should have the
to go to college.
Independent study
Dual Enrollment/College Programs
Internships (Juniors)
Senior Learning Experience
Digital Badging
Personalized Student Educational Plans
Digital Badges
How do we recognize learning that does not fit a grade book?
Example of
Learning Outcome
Information Literacy
Access information efficiently and effectively, evaluate information critically and competently and use information accurately and creatively for the issue or problem at hand
Possess a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information
Example of
Learning Outcome
Information Literacy
HHS FACULTY will develop learning experiences that allow students to
Access information efficiently and effectively, evaluate information critically and competently and use information accurately and creatively for the issue or problem at hand
Possess a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information
and Structure
Vice Principals (9-10 and 11-12)
S.T.E.M. Supervisor
Humanities Supervisor
Director of Athletics - PE/Health Supervisor
Director of Guidance
Lead Teachers
LAL/Fine & Performing Arts
Social Studies/World Languages
Instructional Leaders
My expectation is that all administrators are
instructional leaders
Use Danielson Framework to create constructive conversations that drive learning outcomes and core beliefs in instruction.
Identify staff weaknesses and provide meaningful professional development.
Security and
Code of Conduct
In collaboration with Director of Security, review facilities and procedures to ensure best practices for keeping our school community safe.
LobbyGuard, Student IDs, Share911, SAFE System and advanced camera systems.
Code of Conduct
Annual reviews for relevance and effectiveness.
Develop In School Suspension curriculum to educate and remediate poor behavior and choices.
Strong, consistent and fair in implementation.
Learning Outcomes
Core Beliefs
Instruction Expectations
Integrated with Technology
Instructional Coaching
A teaching resource that is non-evaluative and provides job-embedded professional development to improve instruction and student achievement.
Classroom Management
Unit and Assessment Design
Instructional Technology
Online Learning Environments
Peer Observations
Provide immediate, effective feedback
The Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom puts students at the center of the learning environment, moves teachers from the front of the room to sitting alongside students, and addresses three key goals:
student engagement (grappling with content)
student responsibility for learning
academic rigor
Teach - Assess - Adjust
Focus on formative assessments to improve student learning, teacher practice, and administrative evaluations.
Patrick McQueeney
February 20, 2014
Student Support Services
Guidance Department
Special Services
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (H.I.B.)
Guidance Department
"Whole student involvement"
Proactive mentoring
Positive, effective communicators
Collaborative to support students
Active participants in school community
S.A.C. - proactive to educate and support prevention of substance issues.
Special Services
All administrators responsible for all of our students.
Special education teachers in departments by discipline.
Partner with Director of Special Services
Development of Special Education Advisory Committee consisting of teachers, parents and CST members to evaluate programs in alignment with learning outcomes and core beliefs
Provide PD for In Class Support teachers and general education teachers to strengthen "team teaching" model.
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (H.I.B.)
Proactive responses to struggling students
Response to Intervention (R.T.I.) trained
Develop B.Y.O.D. environment and policies with District Administration
Work with Director of Technology to institute full suite of Google tools for students and staff
Redesign of Media Center, focal point for student/staff collaboration
Collaboration, student choice, and innovation in action.
Hackettstown Athletics
"Home of the Tigers!"
Highly visible example of and to our school community.
Maintain consistent expectations for athletes, fans, and programs.
Athletic Philosophy in line with learning outcomes for students.
HHS Varsity Club
Sending Districts
"A Virtual K-12 District"
Review current student information system and alternatives to provide support for data analysis and other infometrics.
Encourage use of social media for communication with school community
Parent and Community
Parent Advisory Groups
Diverse membership including:
Sending Districts
Special Education
Varied cultures
Community Outreach Group
Community Partnerships
Job coaching/internships
Shadowing Programs
Student Government
BOE Student Representatives
Communication of unified goals
Hackettstown High School
Why this vision?
My vision is a compilation of diverse experiences and ideas:
Personal Background
Athletic Programs
Corporate Standards
Educational Experiences
Evaluate and redevelop H.I.B. process to ease reporting and documentation.
Maintain strong H.I.B. policy in line with state statutes
Proactive and aggressive
Education of school community
Positive culture
STOPit App
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