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Los gatos Presentacion de Inglés

No description

Martha Katerine Cancelado

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Los gatos Presentacion de Inglés

Cat, pussycat colloquially called, is a subspecies of carnivorous mammal of the family Felidae.

There are dozens of races, some hairless or tailless, as a result of genetic mutations, and exist in a wide variety of colors.
They also are animals that can assimilate some concepts, and certain individuals can be trained to manipulate simple mechanisms.
Sociability, behavior and customs
Ethologically, cats see humans as a substitute for their mothers, living a sort of extension in maturity from the time when they are puppy.
They may suffer psychological disorders such as stress. As a stressed human, tend to develop a neurotic behavior.

These are some pictures of cats
They are predators by nature, and its potential prey over a hundred different species of animals for food.
our senses of smell and hearing are superior in many ways to those of humans. These, along with advanced receivers vision, taste and touch, do one of the mammals with a more sophisticated sensory system.
the cats
the cats:
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