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Chemical, Mechanical and Biological Raising Agents

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Tonya Clothier

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Chemical, Mechanical and Biological Raising Agents

Chemical, Mechanical and Biological Raising Agents
Raising Agents
The three different types of raising agents chemical, mechanical and biological
Biological Raising Agent.
there is only one biological raising agent and that is yeast.
Emerging Technologies
Over the years technology has became very involved with cooking now days. There is now electric beater, electric mixes, thermomix to help instead of doing it by hand.
Chemical Raising Agents
mechanical raising agent
mechanical raising agent is used when a product needs to be lite. this can be done by sifting, beating, creaming, kneading and whisking. By doing them it put air in to the mixture and when the product is cooking the heat makes the air rise and the product cooks in the risen form.
chemical raising agent works by a chemical reaction happen while it is cooking in the oven because the heat causes the reaction t start.
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