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Whispers in the Graveyard

Chapters One to Five

Rachel Burbidge

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Whispers in the Graveyard

Whispers in the Graveyard By Theresa Breslin Chapter Two Chapter Three Feelings and Emotions What does the tree symbolise? Chapter Four Dyslexia Dyslexia and Learning Relationships Chapter One What have we learnt so far from Chapter One? Mind Map: Chapter One Concentrate on how
characters, setting and
are introduced
throughout chapter one.

Write down any vocabulary that you
are unsure of in the back of your book under
the heading : Whispers in the Graveyard. Use the next three pages in your green books.
On the first page write: Characters
On the second page write: Setting
And on the third page write: Themes

Over the next few weeks, we will build up these mind maps with quotations and examples from the book. Discuss what we have found out about Sol from the first paragraph.

Relate this back to what you predicted or expected the novel to be about.

Were you right? Let's explore the relationship between Sol and his father.

What would you expect a father-son relationship to consist of?

What words or phrases can we identify from Chapter Two which create an image of this relationship? What do you know already about dyslexia?

On your whiteboards, write down what you think dyslexia is.

How do you think someone with dyslexia might feel? Dyslexia doesn't have to prevent someone from learning, though...

Look at these celebrities...
Think about what they have achieved in their lives... How does the author convey to us how Sol is feeling at this point in the story?

Pull out some key quotes from the text.
Try to explain how or why these quotations make us feel a certain way. What does this tree represent? Complete the vocabulary builder worksheet. Homework: You may wish to include:
A description
Coping strategies
Famous people with dyslexia
Statistics about dyslexia
Fund raising events to support
people with dyslexia. Due Thursday 28th March.
Create an information leaflet on dyslexia. Now how do you feel? Chapter Five Relationships:
How has the relationship between Sol and his father changed from Chapter One and Two?

How does it contrast with Peter’s family?

Add to your mind maps... Speaking and
Listening “A soft movement behind me...”

What could it be?...

Over to you! In groups of three, create a five minute scene to explore what could happen next. Assessment Chapter One-Chapter Five
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