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Copy of Contour Line Drawing

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Echo Zoyiopoulos

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Contour Line Drawing

Purpose and Goal
Visual training is the purpose and accuracy the goal. No erasing is allowed. Collect ordinary objects and practice with one at a time.

Draw 2 modified contours of your hand.
Draw 2 Blind Contours of hand
Draw 2 modified contour of two different shoes.
Draw Blind contour of shoe
Draw Blind Contours of face partner person
Draw modified contour of different person
Draw 1 modified and 1 blind contour of any other complex object in the classroom. Ex. ceramic owl, stack of books ... NOT a pencil NOT a piece of paper
Importance of contour drawing:
Contour drawing is an essential technique in the field of art because it is a strong foundation for any drawing or painting; it can potentially modify a subjects’ form through variation within the lines. Its objective is to capture the life, action, or expression of the subject.
What is a Contour Drawing?
defines a form or edge - an outline.

Contour drawing is the place where most beginners start, following the visible edges of a shape. The contour describes the outermost edges of a form, as well as dramatic changes of plane within the form
How to draw a contour line drawing?

Begin with a focal point on the object and continue concentration as if the eyes were drawing the image. The pencil/pen, once placed on the paper stays there moving in a slow line development until the entire contour is completed. Eyes focus from object to paper without head movement.

Do not pick up your pencil!!!! Continue drawing moving your eye around and within the objects details.

Types of contour drawings:

What kind of contour is it?
Contour lines
Drawing with Lines
Blind Contour: drawing an object using observation without looking at your paper while drawing the object.

Pure contour: the very outline of the object, nothing drawn on the inside.

Contour: Outline of the object and interior parts of the object, really just the basics showing the object without any shading.

Variable Contour: Vary the width of the contour line to give emphasis and weight to the line. It gives the illusion of the line having more.

Cross Contour: Follows the "landscape" of the form. Think of an ant crawling across the object or a topographic map. You would draw lines that would follow along the form. Variable lines make it look even more exciting.

Modified Contour line which is in between the Blind Contour and the Pure contour, which is look at your object in front of you and memorize what you are looking at, look down and draw, stop, look up and memorize, etc.
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