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Grade 1 Lesson 3B

No description

Daniel Roberts

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Grade 1 Lesson 3B

What's the Weather like? REVIEW Why don't we look at some more kinds of weather What does it mean? Why don't we...? Sounds great! Game! What is this? FOCUS IN English expressions What's the weather like today? Game? Why don't we go to
a movie after school? How are you feeling? Not so good, I'm not happy with the weather Why don't we play a computer game together? Sounds great! WEATHER What is the weather like? It's stormy LIGHTNING STORM
THUNDER STORM What is this? Asia = Typhoon U.S.A = Hurricane Australia = Willi-Willies India = Cyclone Tornado What is this? What is the weather like? It's Foggy What time is it? What day is it? It's.... It's... ? It's... Open your books, please Page 49 WEATHER GAME It's raining cat's and dogs! It's raining a lot! I'm feeling
under the weather today I'm feeling sick today You have your head in the clouds You're not focusing, you're dreaming about other things Sounds great
Why not?
Yes. Lets go Why don't we Why don't we play a After school? Why don't we Later? ? Tonight?
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