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The Big Players in the LED Market.

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Victor LED

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of The Big Players in the LED Market.

Thank you for your time!
The Big Players in the LED Market.
11 huge halls, some with multiple floors. Most major players in the lighting market are present and some spend millions on huge stands!
SAMSUNG is becoming a major player, both in the market for LEDs and LED lamps
TOSHIBA produces high performance LED lamps and fixtures under the brand name "E-Core"
PHILIPS has the biggest offer on the market, from Lumileds LEDs to thousands of models of LED lamps and fixtures.
As seen at the latest Lighting Fair in Frankufurt, Germany
And the top LED producers are:
NICHIA, Japan, largest LED producer with almost 30% market share
...Nichia Power LEDs have one of the best price/performance rations...
Nichia low and mid power LEDs are the best on the market at this time.
CREE from USA is the most popular brand of high power LEDs.
Bridgelux (USA) has the best extreme power LED Arrays ...
Citizen is another major player in the LED market...
Seoul Semiconductor is the biggest LED producer in South Korea and in top 10 worldwide...
LED Lamps from Samsung have become very popular in Europe.
...the largest lighting fair in Europe.
Some of the Philips LED lamps...
...including the improved version of the LED bulb that won a 10 million USD design prize in the USA.
Philips Lumileds-Luxeon LEDs.
OSRAM is the company with the longest history in the lighting market. They produce both LEDs, LED lamps and, under the traxon name, LED fixtures.
Osram LED lamps
LG is also an integrated major producer, starting from LEDs to lamps.
235.000 square meters of expo space!
What is the difference in LED performance between the big brands and the rest?
Top producer, real performance is similar with datasheet performance
Theoretical performance (from the datasheet)
Real Performance at higher temperatures
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