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Chris Quigley's Belt Project

Chris Quigley Belt Time Line

Chris Quigley

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of Chris Quigley's Belt Project

Chris Quigley
Belt Timeline My first event was when I started running in Track and Field. I got to show everyone how fast I could really be! If I showed them one attribute of mine it was how i knew how to run. Fortunately, because of that, i made the team at try-outs. The second event from my past was at a track meet. I was the only one running the 800 meter race on my team.I was against all the other teams by myself and won 1st in the race! One of my most proudest achievements Events From My Past Events In The Future TRACK AND FIELD BEST RACE EVER MY FIRST MEDAL My first year as a freshman and I was still a runner. The Chesmont meet finally arrived and I was ready. I was put in a second race filling in for someone and after that race I earned my very first running medal. I did not win, but I knew that now all the running I do pays off. NEW CAPTAIN Soon, the time may come when I plan to become one of the captains of the XC, indoor, and outoor track and field team. It is a goal that will not be easy to achieve. It also is a goal that is worth setting. I plan to make my way to the top. NEW EDUCATION In the future, I have plans to work hard so I can make my way into a great college. College is my one goal I know I will reach. Even though I am still unaware of which college to visit. Plus, if I am lucky, I may get to keep running for more years to come.
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