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Why do Things Float? Matthew Seamans

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Why do Things Float? Matthew Seamans

Why do Things Float?
Objects float because, force pushes on the object, this force is called buoyancy. Exerted water creates buoyancy and the force is pushed in all directions equally.
Also, the part of the object in water has more pressure than the top of it where there is no water. With this it means that there is an upward force. It is pushing the other way of gravity which always attracts something to the center of the Earth. When the buoyancy is pushing the other way of gravity, the object will float.
Objects can be heavier than water, but there has to be air in the objects. Since air is lighter than water, the object's weight is the same volume of water.
If an object in water is heavier than the volume of water it will sink. If the object is lighter it will float. If the object is the exact same weight as the volume of the water it won’t rise but it won’t sink neither it will stay the same.
Sites I used are,
- www.Go.grolier.com
- www.Proquestk12.com
- www.Cerfinfo.com
Submarines have special tanks that let it float or sink into the water. To make it float the tanks let in air. Then to sink the tanks have water let into them. The weight increase lets the submarine sink. Then to get it go back up to the surface the tanks let air in which forces the water. With the weight loss the submarine can go up. With the right amount of water and air in the tanks it does not move up or move down.
To get materials that are much heavier than the water, the density of material has to be in balance with the buoyancy.
When something is under water the buoyant force is the same as the weight of the water it pushes away.
The End!
Made By: Matthew Seamans
Why do things float?
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