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Interracial Relationships & Their Stereotypes Today

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Meg G

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Interracial Relationships & Their Stereotypes Today

By: Kayla Brown, Donnaya McNeil, & Ming Gault
"That's not Cute"
We interviewed Reyna Balbuena & part of her opinion about how couples must
is a frequent comment made about interracial couples
The Cheerios' "Just Checking" commercial features an interracial family. The commercial on YouTube gained so many negative comments about the biracial family that Cheerios' company, General Mills,
had to disable the ability to leave comments on YouTube.
Cheerios' marketing VP:
"at Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all."

Music: "Song of the Caged Bird" - Lindsey Stirling
Image: "Paper Chain People Holding Hands" - Shutterstock

*A big thanks to everyone we interviewed & photographed*
Results of a 2008 college study "showed that exposure to greater diversity will result in
more cross-group friendships
for all students."
Interracial marriages have increased in America in the past 2 decades:
1980: 3.2%
2010: 8.4%
2010: Maryland 11.8%

In a survey of 2,003 adults:
agree that"more people of different races marrying each other has been a
change for the better
in our society."
said that it
made no difference
Becoming the
University of California Berkeley's study analyzed dating websites & profiles:

African-American women are the least likely to be contacted on a dating website
. For this reason a spokesperson for Blackpeoplemeet.com, says "that this illustrates
the importance and increasing popularity of niche dating sites
that cater to specific races or religious affiliations."


was a common response to questions about the differences between their relationship & a relationship with someone of the same race
" go for it"
We interviewed Mr. Bradbury, ERHS English teacher & sponsor of the MSA
Fortunately ERHS is located in a culturally diverse area, however we should keep in mind that
not all parts of the US are diverse as us
and may not feel as socially equal the way we do. If we continue to be open in considering others essentially the same as us,
the percentage of interracial relationships (romantic & otherwise) can spread
and increase in more parts of the world in the years to come.
The interracial couples
don't see any difference
between races, in dating, in friendships, & in their lives
Interracial Relationships & their stereotypes today
In October 2009, [only 5 years ago]
, Louisiana Justice of Peace, Keith Bardwell,
denied an interracial couple their marriage license.
His defense was that he wanted to prevent them from having biracial children that would experience the obstacles of being biracial.
We interviewed Elizabeth, ERHS Senior
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