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No description

Drew Ganske

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of IBM

MKTG 140 Group Project Team 5 By: Andrew Ganske, Matt Hernandez, Daniel Sievers, Colleen Sullivan International Business Machines "Big Blue" Encouraged IBM to provide more outsourcing services They did this by exploiting the excess capacity in its own data centers. 1989
Eastman Kodak Company and IBM made an agreement that IBM designed and managed a new data center for Kodak in New York 1991
Management Board approves new service strategy
Set a goal to become a world wide service company by 1994 1994
For their first Global Network
Provided mainly electronic data interchange services Surrounded themselves in networks and resources to position themselves better globally. 1995
IBM Global Services (IGS) was formed to give customers consistent service levels worldwide
Originally offered services to 2,500 different categories
Reduced it to 100, in order to perform more globally consistent service Database Mining Inquiry Accelerator
Days : Minutes
Contest to Cloud
Still require physical loc. SmartCloud India Avnet Tech. Solutions
Small-Mid business
Cloud only data storage
Cost Reductions WaterWatchers
app South African water supply
45% have clean water to home
Maps water system and issues
Business and citizens can use How Smart Companies Connect 1996
The first general manager of IGS was, Dennie M. Welsh
“It is clear we cannot stand still. IBM Global Services must change because our customers, marketplace and competitors are all changing. Our new management structure will enable greater teamwork throughout IBM and continue building on the momentum of profitable services growth and customer satisfaction worldwide.” SmartCloud Cities
Montpellier District Connect all government sectors
One Cloud system
All data organized and monitored
Accessible by all employees
Levels of security IBM ended up selling its Global Network, and began focusing on managing the information and data that was flowing into networks
They also merged with a Consulting group
Ginni Rometty, IGS’s new general manager said, “What this did for services and for IBM was to join at the hip our best market facing thinkers with our integration experts who knew how technology fits together to deliver higher value solutions to the customer.” IBM Today They are currently operating in over 170 countries, with some of the world’s most talented people working for them Their current focus is on, business analytics, cloud computing, growth markets, and Smarter Planet IBM has combined it’s expertise to create systems that allow dynamic and efficient organizations, better transportation, safer food, cleaner water, and an overall healthier world. Smarter Planet International Marketing Strategy Four Components of Smarter Planet Strategy Smarter Analytics Keeps data current to recognize problems before they occur (statistical models)
Helps prevent unhappy customers
IBM analyzes logistics data for inventory and distribution channel efficiency
Social Business Has made the world a smaller place i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Secure a competitive advantage and new ways of doing business
Inspires workforce to work collaboratively and create tangible business value
Greater brand awareness and logo awareness Making Your Business Mobile Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized a world where consumers want info immediately
Ideas like applications, or apps, came into play
Connect with customers, relevant engagements, improve management and customer service
Customer's needs are always met Smart Cloud Computing Company organizes all data and company files on the Internet and only accessible by certain personnel
Safeguards critical information and processes
No material in hands of hackers or the competition
Easier when business is done around the world
Saves space for the company
Google Docs
History dates back to over a century Environmental Forces Government Regulations
Infrastructure & Deliverability
Availability of Resources Natural Disasters
Demographics Government Regulations Smarter Cities Smarter Government Local
Public Safety
Transportation Services Infrastructure & Deliverability Dynamic Infrastructure Improves service
Reduces cost
Manages risk Watson Smarter Business
Smarter Connections Availability of Resources Financing competitive rates
flexible terms
multiple period funding Offers consulting
hardware Availability of Resources Mobile First increases: productivity & innovation
employee satisfaction
cost savings
security Air Canada Natural Disasters SmartCloud Demographics Recommendations SmartCloud
Reduce waste
Save money increases productivity and innovation
employee satisfaction
cost savings
protects consumers from online security threats BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
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