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The history of buddha

No description

Network School

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of The history of buddha

seeing the dead
becoming a monk
As soon as Buddha saw theese 3 things he was unsure of everything so 1 nightt he ran away from the palace and became a monk.
early life
Siddhartha Gautama, the future Buddha, was raised in a royal family in Nepal close to the border between India and Nepal. Growing up, the Buddha was realy smart and compassionate. Tall, strong, and handsome. Everyone knew that he would become either a great king or spiritual leader. Since his parents wanted a powerful ruler for their kingdom, they tried to prevent Siddharta from seeing the unsatisfactory nature of the world.
They surrounded him with all the types of pleasure.

Seeing the sick

The history of Buddha
fun fact!
As soon as he was born Buddha could already walk
seeing the old
the next day buddha saw an old man he had wrinkels and he was really weak buddha asked his servents again what is happening to this man he is old everyone is going to be like that and die even you my sire said his servent.
Bhuddha soon became one of the wisest monks. one day he decided to meditate under a tree until he would understand the meaning of suffering. and when he learned it, his head started to glow this was called enlightenement and in those times if you became enlighted people would call you BUDDHA !!!!
Buddha's real name is Siddharta Gautama. He was born on 567 BC in Lumbini, Nepal.
Buddha could not resist the urge to venture out side the palace walls. First he saw a sick man Buddha did not realize that was happening so he asked his servants. and his servants said " this man is sick he will die soon.
The last day the Buddha saw a dead man he asked his searvent what is rong with that man his searvants said lord that man is dead he is no longer cocious and will be burnt to shreads.
thanks for watching
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