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They Say I Say Chapter 12

No description

Larissa Kranewitter

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of They Say I Say Chapter 12

Reading for the Conversation What's Motivating This Writer Summarizing the chapter The chapter encourages readers to look deeper into what a writer is trying to say. It is important to understand a writers point and be able to summarize it into your own words. In order to do so we must think critically! Don't assume your readers know what your view point is You have to summarize and explain your view point to the readers. In order for them to understand your view point you need to reconstruct the unstated "They Say" by explaining the writers argument so that your readers can understand what you are responding to. Understand the text you're reading Understanding an author's text can be challenging. Often you can find very specific language which is hard for you to understand. If you struggle understanding what the author is saying, translate it into your own words that you can understand. This will help you to make writing about the topic easier. Identify what motivates the author's thesis Understand the author's point of view on the matter. Think of what your own view on the subject matter is. Do you agree or disagree? by Larissa Kranewitter
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