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The Role of Category [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of The Role of Category [Shared]

The Role of

What do you see?
Or a white face?
A black silhouette playing saxophone?
We all see things from different perspectives.
How does a MARS and Retailer perspective differ?
I want to grow my profit

I want to grow my market share

I want to grow the category
How are you going to grow my profit?

How are you going to grow my market share?

How are you going to grow the category
I want to grow the category
How are you going to grow the category
The common goal aligning us with our retailers is wanting to grow total category.
Often we go in with our own objectives to grow, forgetting to address the objectives of our trade partners.
Over the last 5 years:
86% MARS Growth came from category growth
14% MARS Growth came from share change
The very best strategy is pointless if the right products aren’t available!
Category 101
1. Having the right product
2. At the right place
3. In the right retailers
4. At the right price
These are the key to unlocking
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