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student24 mahoney

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of RADON

Radium and the Periodic Table
Radon belongs in the group (family) 18 because the number of valance electrons is 8.
Physical and Chemical Properties.
Radon is colorless and could not identify it easily. Radon is a gas and can not be changed easily too other states of matter.

Kinda Fun Fact: An estimate of 20,000 people have died of lung cancer that was caused by exposure to Radon.
This mans name is Freiedrich Ernst Dorn he is the man who discovered
The Man who discovered the Element
He had discovered this element in Germany 1898.
Freiedrich Earnst Dorn once called his element "radium emanation"
He discovered that electricity and water make a shock prior to his finding of Radon
The period that Radon belongs in is period 6. It has 6 total orbitals around the nucleus.
Radon is HIGHLY radioactive but there is very very little in the air so it can not harm us.
Uses of Radon
Radon can come from rocks and soil.
You can buy Radon detectors for your basement cause it is a very deadly gas.
you can get little white pumps that take ALL of the Radon out of your basement, it only senses the radon not the oxygen.
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