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The Color Purple

No description

Ashwini Mulay

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of The Color Purple

By: Jennifer, Ashwini, Yashasvi & Rachel
The Color Purple
Ordinary World
First Refusal of the Call
The hero refuses the challenge because he/she is too weak or scared

Nettie shows up at Celie's new home
Celie and Nettie are separated
Celie hopes that Nettie will come back for her
Return with the Elixir
The Hero Returns with the Elixir to benefit the Ordinary World
First Call to Adventure
The hero is faced with a problem or challenge and therefore must start an adventure.
Nettie arrives at her home
Encourages and supports the protagonist
Attempts to convince Celie to stand up
Plot Summary
Meeting the Mentor
Second Call to Adventure
Second Refusal of the Call
Return of the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold
Approach the Inmost Cave
The Ordeal
The Reward
Road Back
The Hero enjoys the Reward, having confronted fear and death
Celie experiences freedom
-lives without fear of abuse
-father dies
-meets the new wife
-inherits the house
-starts her own shop
Director's Manipulation
order is right
does not confront death
confronts fear in the previous stage
Director's Manipulation
Celie never returns
The Hero takes the Road Back to the Ordinary World, and recommits to completing the Journey
Celie lives in the house of her childhood
what the Ordinary World is for Celie
he Hero faces the climactic ordeal that purifies, redeems, and transforms the Hero on the threshold home
Director's Manipulation
type of story
freedom has an impact on life
no regrets
not traditional
performed by the antagonist
Celie has done no wrong
Albert must redeem himself
Director's Manipulation
doesn't return to the Ordinary World
makes a 'new world' for herself
completion of the "Quest"
ties up loose ends
The normal world the protagonist lives in
Situated in Georgia
Early 1900's
Mother, Father and younger Sister

-Consists of rape and abuse
-Racism and sexism
Conflict is illustrated clearly
Starts to right letters to God
Shug comes back with her new husband
The hero finally accepts the challenge and crosses the threshold into the special world
Celie finds out letters from Nettie
Nettie was writing to her since years
Accepts challenge to hide these letters from Albert
Albert hid these letters from Celie
learns about special world in Africa
The hero makes the final preparations and approaches the inmost cave.
Was about to cut him
Simultaneously thinking of the village in Africa where a girl and a boy prepare to have a piercing done
Shug arrives
The hero endures the ordeal, the central crisis in which hero confronts his greatest fear and tastes death.
-Decides to leave him
-Goes with Shug
“Everything you have done to me, has already been done to you”
Director's Manipulation
Made up his own stage
Celie refused the second call to adventure
Celie refused the second call to adventure
Director's Manipulation
- Still the ordinary world; only learns about the special world
- Reveals mysteriousness about Albert
Director's Manipulation
-Order is right
-Still the ordinary world
-Shug's entry
Director's Manipulation
-Doesn't taste death
-Leaves the ordinary world
The return of the mentor is required to provide encouragement so that the hero can enter into the special world.
performed by Albert
has a revelation
immigration papers
Adam and Olivia
true happiness
The Symbolism of the Colour Purple
Celie is ripped apart from Nettie
Celie doesn't hear back.
Assumes Nettie has left her

Constant fear of Albert
As A Result...
Celie is often raped by her own father
Had 2 children with him

-Adam & Olivia
shouldn't be ignored
wants love
grows as a person
previous clip
Nettie and Celie
overcome obstacles
risen above their past
Tests, Allies and Enemies
Accepts the challenge to hide the letters from Albert
Learns about a special world in Africa
The hero learns about special world through tests, encountering allies and enemies.
Director's Manipulation
-Still the ordinary world
-Test : Hiding letters from Albert
Climax of the story
Directors Manipulation
The director focuses mainly on the ordinary world
Emphasizes struggles
Sympathize with protagonist

Women are often domesticated and are unable to live independently.
Never on their own
Directors Manipulation
The director does not focus on her life at this point initially.
Makes Celie less significant
Depicts Albert in a new light
The first call is not emphasized
Steven Speilberg


-step-father sexually abuses her and takes her babies away

-abusive husband (Mr.)


-sister of Celie
-Mr.'s first choice of marriage
-lived alongside a couple who adopted Celie's children


-first name Albert
-Celie's Husband
-hides Celie's letters
-in love with Shug


-Mr.'s Mistress
-Blues singer
-Befriends Celie
Other Characters:



Meeting with the Mentor provides encouragement to push the Hero past fear and doubt.
Celie took care of Shug
"Celie's Blues"
Provided Celie with moral support, encouragement and confidence
The problem/challenge reappears for the hero to face.
Shug is leaving
Decision to stay with Albert or go with Shug
Director's Manipulation
Celie deserves a second chance
The Hero once again stops herself from accepting the call.
look on Albert's face
stops herself from asking to leave with Shug
Director's Manipulation
emphasizes fear

Thank you for listening
Albert is a drunkard
His father visits
Kicks him out
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