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Star Network

No description

Renee Duhaney

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Star Network

This is the connection of a group of computers which are linked by wires/microwaves relay for the purpose of transmitting data.
Network Topology
Presented By:Christine Tse 13D
Renee Duhaney 13B

Network Topology is the structural design of the inter-connections of components of a network.
Types of Topologies
Star Topology
This is the connection of peripheral nodes (computers) with cable segments to a central host computer known as hub/server/switch.

How is data transmited?
The hub receives a signal and regenerates that signal to retransmit the signal down each cable segment to all computers within the network.Also, only the computer the signal is addressed to acts on the data.
Advantages &Disadvantages
Each node is independent of the others
Easy to isolate faults
Data does not collide
It is expensive to install
If hub fails, the entire network goes down

Network Topology
This is the physical layout of the way in which computers and other units (nodes) are connected by cables and other resources. It also includes the manner in which the components communicate.
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