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FDR & the New Deal

No description

Matt Baker

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of FDR & the New Deal

FDR & the New Deal
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Laptop

- I can create a New Deal program

Table of Contents
Page: FDR
Page: New Deal

What's going on here?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Context
- Great Depression
- Europe turning to fascism
- Election of 1932: FDR promises a "New Deal"
FDR: The Good
- First 100 Days
- New Deal
- 1st woman cabinet member
- Black Cabinet
- Fireside Chats
FDR: The Bad
- Ignored discrimination in the New Deal
- Court Packing
- Ignored limits on presidential power
- Executive Order 9066
- Japanese Internment
New Deal
- FDR's plan to get the US out of the depression
- Govt. programs to build up infrastructure and create jobs
- Alphabet Soup
Ex: Civilian Conservation Commission (CCC),
Works Progress Administration (WPA),
Social Security Administration (SSA)
New Deal in Charlotte
American Legion Stadium
Independence Park
Mint Museum (Eastover)
New Deal in Action
Criticisms of the New Deal
- Huey Long: New Deal did not do enough
- Herbert Hoover: New Deal did too much
- Father Coughlin: Believed the New Deal did not help the poor enough, fascist?
New Deal Program
- You must create your own New Deal Program
- Your program should:
- Alphabet Soup name
- Address a problem from the Great Depression
- Have a poster advertising your program
- Slogan
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