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The Hope Diamond...

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of The Hope Diamond...

The Hope Diamond...
By:Lauren and Stephanie

What is the mystery?
The mystery is a necklace that gives you bad luck/curses.The hope diamond costs 350$ million dollars. According to the legend the diamond was an idol in India and someone stole it right when it was stolen a curse fell upon it.
Explanations for the mystery:
1) James Todd the mailman, who delivered the diamond to the Smithsonian. Afterwords his leg crushed in a truck accident there after;He had a head injury.
2)A greek merchant had the diamond and drove his car over a cliff there after he killed himself and his wife including his child.
Where and when did it first take place?

It first took place in France and also happened at about 1742.
We think that it depends on the person and how they are in life, all of them were rich but very rude, and snobby, also very selfish we also think the curse is real because alot of people have died when they had this mysterious diamond.
Mentalfloss.com and Shzell.com
(lol ducks)
Henry Philip Hope owned the stone in the 1830's some how he was able to survive the curse with no harm done, he chose to rename the diamond with his last name
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