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SDH English 11: Topic 4 - ASSIGNMENT - Plot Structure Prezi

Plot Structure Analysis of "The Soloist"

Joyce Y

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of SDH English 11: Topic 4 - ASSIGNMENT - Plot Structure Prezi

Plot Structure Analysis of "The Soloist"
SDH English 11: Topic 4 - ASSIGNMENT - Plot Structure Prezi
Rising Action
Falling Action
Setting of the Story
Introduction of the Characters
Steve Lopez
The story begins... :
Steve Lopez, still slightly injured from his bicycle crash, hears a beautiful violin melody coming from the Beethoven statue. He discovers that the musician who was playing the melody was a homeless man named Nathaniel Ayers.
A rising problem:
The problem is not that Nathaniel Ayers' schizophrenia is untreated.
The problem lies in the Steve Lopez's method of "help", and his way of communicating with Nathaniel.
Their interactions:
Steve Lopez
Collision of Worlds
As Steve Lopez continues to interact with Nathaniel and "interfere" with the musician's life, their worlds start collide and merge with each other.
Steve Lopez consults some people
he shares his experiences with his ex-wife, Mary
Change of perspective
instead of thinking Nathaniel as someone Lopez has to take care of, Lopez starts to regard Nathaniel as a friend
instead of forcing "conventional" behavior and trying to "fix" Nathaniel, Lopez realizes that the simple act of being a friend and giving Nathaniel the chance to play music is enough to make Nathaniel happy
Making amends
Lopez bought a ticket for Nathaniel's sister to visit him at the LAMP shelter.
After Nathaniel Ayers and Steve Lopez become friends, Steve notices how much Nathaniel has affected him, and how much he has changed Nathaniel's life.
Nathaniel Ayers still sleeps in the apartment, and is a member of LAMP. He cotinues to play the cello, as well as violin, bass, piano, guitar, trumpet, French horn, drums, and harmonica.
The End
Steve Lopez's World
L.A. Times Office
The story takes place in L.A., California
The movie is essentially a 117 minute film showcasing the "collision of worlds" between Steve Lopez, a writer for L.A. Times, and Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless and mentally ill musician.
His Home
With well known people + fancy restaurants
Nathaniel Ayers' World
The streets of L.A.
Nathaniel Ayers' World
The streets of L.A.
Steve Lopez's World
L.A. Times Office
His Home
With well known people + fancy restaurants
Nathaniel Ayers
Mary Weston
David Carter
(his ex-wife)
(doctor who working at LAMP)
Graham Claydon
(cello musician/teacher)
Flo Ayers
(his sister)
Steve Lopez's Personality/Character Traits
lives alone, does not mind the lack of company
not incredibly passionate about anything
strained family relations (his wife divorced him, and his son doesn't reply his phone calls)
doesn't seem to be a caring person
doesn't like responsibilities (outside of work)
doesn't laugh or smile much
Nathaniel Ayer's Personality/Character Traits
suffers from schizophrenia
he tends to ramble when he talks
seems "unfocused" at times
inconsistent behavior (alternates between rational and irrational)
musical genius
plays many instruments: violin, cello
loves music so much that it is his whole world
ex-alumni of Julliard, a prestigious music school in New York
he was only playing on two strings
Nathaniel Ayers
writes an article about Nathaniel, and tries to gather more information about him
gives him a cello and makes a deal with him: Nathaniel will have to leave the cello at LAMP (a shelter for the homeless)
convinces him to stay at an apartment (mainly for safety reasons)
hires a cello instructor for him
meets up with him often
shows him what it is like to be passionate for something you really love---inspires him
provides Lopez a news story
demonstrates a form of happiness that may be different from "normal", but equally as valuable
shows Lopez a side of the city that he rarely interacts with
Lopez should have tried to understand the roots of his schizophrenia, for example the question: why did Nathaniel Ayers leave home?
After forcing Nathaniel to do things, Steve does not pay attention to the reasons WHY Nathaniel hesitates to do the things Steve asks him to do.
(For example: living in an apartment)
As these issues remained unfixed, problems started to arise.
Many people in the film fail to realize that their methods of "rehabilitating" Nathaniel may actually be more "harm" than "help".
Nathaniel's breaking points
Nathaniel's most "explosive" moments:
Usually Nathaniel is incredibly pacifist, however there are a few moments where he becomes unable to control his emotions.
back when Nathaniel runs away from home
after Claydon, the cello instructor mentions "God"
Nathaniel attacks Claydon before his "concert"
after Steve Lopez tries to get Nathaniel some medical aid
Nathaniel thinks of Steve Lopez as his "god"
Steve Lopez begins to realize Nathaniel's extreme emotional attachment to him
Lopez feels hesitant about Nathaniel's attachment to him because he knows that he is now "responsible" for Nathaniel
Lopez begins to ponder about what Nathaniel means to him and what he wants for Nathaniel
Nathaniel attacks Claydon for the second time
Nathaniel is becoming harder and harder to predict and handle
Nathaniel has become more and more "explosive"
Steve Lopez wants to provide Nathaniel with medical care and therapy for his schizophrenia
this enrages Nathaniel and Lopez is thrown out of Nathaniel's apartment
he consults the doctor working at LAMP
There are many forms of conflict in this movie, however the MAIN conflict of the movie is an external conflict between Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers.
Lopez and Nathaniel shakes hands and becomes friends.
Steve Lopez
Nathaniel Ayers
rebuilds his relationship with his ex-wife and family
gains a new friend
finally able to smile
learns what it is like to be passionate about something
reunited with his sister
receives a cello and later on, able to access many other instruments at LAMP
lives in an apartment (in less danger than before)
able to have cello lessons
has the chance to watch concerts
gained a new friend
free to play as much music as he likes
Steve Lopez continues to write his column for the L.A. Times. He is learning to play the guitar.
Thank you for watching my presentation!
By: Victor Yu
"The Soloist" movie trailer
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