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Learn Japanese Language - Part 1

Learn Japanese Language. And it acually works!

Adrian Dorsey

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Learn Japanese Language - Part 1

Learn Japanese Language Part 1 Konnichiwa! That is hello! Today we will learn the basics of learning Japanese. The Basics Basic Symbols

水 火 wood forest water 森 林 Tree 木 Money/Gold 金 Sun Moon 日 月 Japanese Sayings That Will Get You By Hello! How are you? =
Konnichiwa! Genkidesu ka? Nice weather today! =
Tenki kyō wa sutekina Are you okay? = Anata wa daijōbudesu ka? Well I've got to go! =
do watashi wa iku nda! だから一部つの端ということです!次のレッスンでお会いしましょう!
So that is the end of part one! See you in the next lesson! テスト - Test what time is it?=
Ima nan-jidesu ka? Are you ready for the test?
Just in case, study at least one more time! Sorry, i do not konw what that means.= Mōshiwake arimasenga, watashi wa sore ga nani o imi suru ka wakaranai. What symbol is... 火 木 日 金 月 林 森 Fire Tree Sun Gold/Money Moon/Month Woods Forest How to keep this in your head. . . . 月 日 金 = lol fail
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