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What is a Camp Counselor?

Leadership Skills of a perfect counselor

Ashley Montgomery

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of What is a Camp Counselor?

The Perfect Counselor What is a Camp Counselor? A Poem- What is a Camp Counselor? "Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood there occurs in human development an age which is physically and psychologically impossible. It is that unfathomable stage known as "Camp Counselor," a creature undefined by psychologists, misunderstood by camp directors,, either admired or doubted by parents, and unheard of by the rest of society.." Activity:
The Perfect Counselor Think of the best counselor/ role model you've ever had

Why were they so great?
What did they do or say that made you believe they were the best? What do campers want? Set the Example Have a sense of humor Be a leader Take a personal interest in each camper Be fair Be enthusiastic Be at camp
(Physically and mentally) Set Boundaries Be clear and concise Keep camper problems in confidence Don't advocate cliques Be resourceful Be versatile Emotional Poise! Be Sympathetic Be tolerant Maintain your "Bag of Tricks" Be positive Skills Map Leading Children What type of leadership skills would a counselor use when leading children?

What are actions that a counselor should take that relay these skills?

What are things that a counselor should say that relay these skills? Turn negatives into positives set a routine Sarcasm is not a camp language Work with your co-co
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