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Vortex of War

No description

Jarod Roll

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Vortex of War

The End of Democracy?

HIS 305

Mussolini in power in Italy, 1922
Japan invades Manchuria, 1931
Hitler in power in Germany, 1933
Germany leaves League of Nations, 1935
Italy invades Ethiopia, 1935
Fascist forces go to war against Spanish Republic, 1936
Germany occupies the Rhineland, 1936
Rome-Berlin Axis, 1936
Japan captures Beijing, China, 1937
Germany incorporates Austria, 1938
Germany incorporates Czechoslovakia, 1938,
Germany invades Poland, 1939
Germany seizes Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France, May-June 1940
Battle of Britain, July-October 1940
Gerald Nye, (R-ND)
Good Neighbor Policy--Latin America
Ludlow Bill, 1938--defeated
1939 Neutrality Act
America First Committee
Smith Act, 1940
Bases for Destroyers, Sept. 1940
Wendell Willkie, Rep.
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