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Clean Sweep

No description

Mya Ngemaes

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Clean Sweep

Katie is a girl who's mother works in the cleaning business. She has a brother named "Benjamin." He is allergic to dust, which is bad because, their family is devoted to killing dust mite's. She has to carry the weight of her brothers work because, he likes to pretend that he is sick just to get out of work.
Katie starts to clean Mrs. Leonardo's attic and goes through some of her stuff. Mrs. Leonardo got mad at Katie for suggesting to throw away her IRS papers. Mrs. Leonardo then found a story book that her mother used to read to her and her sister. She then started to cry.
Rising Action
Katie has to go to Mrs. Leonardo's home to help clean out her attic. Mrs. Leonardo isn't really a kind woman. When Katie started cleaning Mrs. Leonardo would sometimes get mad at her.
Katie's mothers clients were complaining on the price. ( Her mother brought the picture of dust mite's up again.)
Her brother Benjamin was being lazy. ( Katie had to do Benjamin's work.)
Katie tells her self of what she should have done before her father passed away.( She looks through her fathers stuff as her therapy.)
Mrs. Leonardo listened to what Katie said about inviting her sister. When Katie and Benjamin went to her house she was cooking. She then asked Katie to bring down the story book and the lace table cloth. Katie was happy. She and Benjamin later returned to their house.
Falling Action
Katie started to think of when her father passed away and how she went through his papers. She talked to Mrs. Leonardo about Mrs. Leonardo's sister Helen. Mrs. Leonardo said that her sister wanted to keep the book. Mrs. Leonardo also found her lace table cloth that was only used once.
Katie's Mom
Mrs. Leonardo
Mrs. Leonardo
The Stages of Plot
Stages of Plot
Continuance &
Clean Sweep
Written By: Joan Bauer

Type of
Character vs. Nature
Character vs. Man
Character vs. Self
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