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No description

Justine Lauzon-Lepage

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Zorbing

why people like this sport
To play this sport we just need a zorb ball. there are two different type of zorbs. A dry zorb and a wet.
who plays?

-For not be hurt it's better to be alone in the zurb.
-Try not to run into other objects.
-It's very important to stop the zurb at the
end of the trip.
my impression...
It's an activity where we get into a big zorb ball. We roll down a grassy or snowy slope.
We can also just run in or be pulled by a boat.The speed can go up to 50 km.
people like this sport because it's very out of the commun. They like to try this attraction because it's unknown and they get all shaken.
We can go zorb on water, on the snow, on the ground or on the grass. We can also go in the mud but the zorb is going to be all dirty. In almost every country there is a centre for practising this sport.
We can go zorbing whenever we want. The zubing can be a sport of summer or a sport of winter.
Every person from every country can play at this sport. For person who went to live something new or Simply for the curious. To play zorbing we must be age 6 or older.

I think it's a very funny, original and unique experience. I like zorbing for strong sensations and because I think the zorb is very Impressive. Well, I really want to try this sport because I'm a adrenaline Junkie.
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