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No description

Alishaba Atta

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of asthma

what is asthma?
Asthma is a condition. That means that sometimes you notice it, and sometimes you don't. But it's always there.

Asthma is caused when your airways - the tubes in your chest that you breathe from get narrow .And it makes it harder to breathe.And when it happens it makes you:

get a tight feeling in your chest,or get out of breath or maybe have trouble catching your breath too.
Will It Ever Go Away?
well now you might be wondering well will it ever go away if you have it. I am sorry to say but no you might not see the symptoms but it will always be there like when you get older your asthma will not be as bad as you were younger.
I know what your thinking all this thought of narrow air ways and having trouble breathing is making you think, is it contagious? well no its not. You can`t catch it from some one who does have asthma so you can be relieved.
how did you get it?
is it contagious?
what are the causes?
The main cause is genetic, which means you are born with it.This usually happens if one of your parents has it. Another cause of asthma is being over weight because the excess weight pressing on the lungs triggers typical asthma. Skin allergies children who have hay fevers and eczema are nine times more likely to have asthma as adults. Nasal allergies the lower airway and nose is part of the same repository system so that triggers asthma.
If you smoke or live with a smoker this is probably no surprise to some of you because smoking oviously makes it difficult to breathe theses are just some causes there are some i didn't more i didn't mention.
If its not contagious how do you get it? With the research I did, I found that that there are a lot of ways you can get asthma.
the reason I chose this diseases was because some of my friends have asthma and I thought that i would learn a lot more about it and i would understand how they feel and there pain. Before i thought that asthma was just a disease that made you cough a lot but after this research project i found that you do cough a lot but your air tubes get narrow and it makes it extremely hard to breathe and the times when you cough a lot are called asthma attacks
my thoughts
is there a cure?
asthma is a unendurable disease also i don't think at the time there is any thing being done to look for a cure but half the children who have asthma don't have the symptoms by the time they are adults. There is a medication that you can use to help you breathe. A in healers two different kinds A reliever inhalers which you use when you feel your airways getting narrow and in emergencies and a A controller puffer which you use daily to prevent asthma attacks
asthma attacks
asthma attacks are the times where you feel all the symptoms at ones, air ways get narrow and have trouble breathing it occurs usually when you swim run or do something that uses a lot of breath. you start coughing and have a lot of trouble breathing it feels like your dieing
fun facts
-there is a myth that if you sneeze a lot with your mouth closed you can get asthma
-some people have from 2 - 15 inhalers or puffers
-some people say that males have a slight more chance of having asthma but of course it is not proven
by Alishaba
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