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Langston Hughes Prezi

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Haroon Saber

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Langston Hughes Prezi

James Mercer Langston Hughes
The Harlem Renaissance was an African-American cultural movement that occurred in the 1920s. It presented african american writers, poets, dancers, and singers with the opportunity to express themselves and show off their talents. Langston utilized his experiences in Harlem to reflect upon the reality of what african americans encountered in their everyday lives. He then portrayed his thoughts and interaction through his poetry.
Langston Hughes earned worldwide recognition for his excellence in literature. Over the course of his life he wrote 60 books and many poems that all reflected upon his encounters and experiences as an african american. His work wasn't a fairy tale like many of the other writers at the time. It was real , which was the reason why it was ridiculed. He never supported false perspectives on issue and stood up for the truth.
As a young writer, Langston Hughes wrote many poems. These poems were unique because they incorporated jazz music and went beyond traditional poetry guidelines. Hughes became one of the earliest innovators of the modern form of poetry known as jazz poetry.
Hughes established many arts theaters such as the Harlem Suitcase Theater. He combined his poetry with theater to further provoke his thoughts and feelings towards racism, discrimination and freedom.
The Harlem Renaissance
Brief Introduction
Hughes wrote many books such as Not Without Laughter, The ways of the White Folks and My People. Hughes primarily wrote about issues during his life, which is why racism, discrimination and freedom are reoccurring themes in his works.
Writing Career
Writing Style
Hughes integrated the rhythm and mood of jazz and blues music into his work. His gentle humor and sarcastic irony often contradicted the magnitude of his themes.
Early Life
Born in the year of 1902 in Joplin Missouri Langston Hughes is one of the most prominent figures of African-American history. Shortly after his birth his parents separated and Langston was cared for and brought up by his grandmother
Hughes was drawn towards the idea of communism due to the widespread racial discrimination that he was exposed to during his life. He wished that everyone would be treated equally and that everyone would live together in peace and tranquility. He wrote several poems on freedom and equality. these poems highlighted his views on racism and discrimination in America.
Langston Hughes died in 1967 at the age of 65, due to prostate cancer. Over the course of 65 years he wrote roughly 800 poems and became amongst one of the most prominent voices in the Harlem Renaissance. Not only was he a successful poet; he was also a successful author and play write. He helped defeat racism in America and brought forth the african-american society.
His grandmother was greatly influenced his character and success. From a young age she instilled within him a sense of racial pride and of activism. This contributes to his success and legacy within the Harlem Renaissance.
By: Haroon Saber
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