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Sixth Form

No description

Olivia Mauer

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Sixth Form

Colour Schemes
I believe this font would be appropriate for my target audience as well as suitable for the type of magazine. The font is quite formal however still modern which will attract my target audience of sixth formers (both male and female).
Sixth Form
Magazine Cover

Name Of Publication
Navy & Silver - The colour navy connotes honesty and loyalty. This implies that the students can trust the information printed on the cover. Another connotation is that it is reliable, suggesting that the students can rely on it for any important dates. The colour silver connotes prestige and wealth. This gives a school a positive association. Furthermore, it connotes sophistication, which links to how the students are dressed. Lastly, both of these colours are liked by most females and males due to no gender associations.
Black & White - The colour black connotes elegance, luxury and sophistication. These connotations are beneficial as they match the school's dress code (business/formal), furthermore, it causes the cover to look more mature. The colour white connotes new beginnings. This is relatable as a new school year just started. White is a color of protection and encouragement, which suits the overall impression of sixth form.
Feature Stories
Prom/Leavers Special
Best Dressed
Awards (Leavers Assembly)
Shirt Signing

The Sixth Voice - The word "Sixth" links to my target audience as all of the are sixth formers of the school. Furthermore the word "Voice" shows that the magazine is mostly written by students so they can decide what is in it.
The font is quite modern so it relates to sixth formers (my target audience). Also the word "Voice" links to the fact that most of the magazine will be written by the students of sixth form so it will allow them to chose what is presented in the magazine.
Flat Plan

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