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Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio

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Olivia Gordy

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio
Peg Kehret was a normal girl born in Austin, Minnesota in 1949. When Peg was twelve-years-old one day she was not feeling so great. The next morning Peg woke up paralyzed from the neck down. Peg had polio. Peg was moved to the Minneapolis University Hospital where she could get better treatment. She was immediately put in an oxygen tent to help her breathe.
“...I felt sorry for Tommy who was still stuck in the iron lung, unable to hold a book.”(pg.62) This was when she was in the University Hospital. Tommy was a younger boy in her room. Peg would rather read to herself, but she felt bad for Tommy. This shows Peg is
because she is feeling sympathy for the Tommy.
“...I quickly became acquainted with my new roommates.”(pg.73) In this part of the book Peg just moved to her room in Sheltering Arms, a polio rehabilitation center. When she got to her room there were four other girls she got along with really well. Peg is a
person because she was able to get to know her roommates when they only first met. Peg is just naturally outgoing.
“...one wish: I want to walk again.”(pg.93) In this part of the book it was Peg’s birthday. She made one wish when she blew out her candles on her cake. Peg is
because on her birthday her only wish was to walk again. She did her physical therapy even if it was super painful, too.
-iron lung:
you can only see the head
it helps people breathe
also called a respirator
used if you can’t breathe
rubber collar around the neck to keep from air escaping
chest rises and lowers to help patient breathe
-oxygen tent:
for patient who requires more oxygen than in the air
made of plastic
oxygen enters through a hose
range in size
Soon after being put in an oxygen tent she was starting to get a feeling back in her arms and legs. Peg was being moved to Sheltering Arms, a polio rehabilitation center. While she was there she met four other girls named Dorothy, Shirley, Renee, and Alice. They all had polio just like Peg. They all became best friends. With lots of painful physical therapy, Peg was able to go in a wheelchair. Peg did exercises to help gain muscle again. Peg was finally able to get walking sticks. Peg worked super hard. She had lots of support, too. One day, Miss Ballard, one the physical therapists, said Peg was going to try to walk again. Peg was nervous at first, but then she got the hang of it! Peg was walking. Sheltering Arms said that Peg could go home with her family. When Peg got home she went back to school. It turned out that she had become a celebrity when she was gone. During the whole time Peg had polio she stayed strong and never doubted she would not walk again.
Intro Summary
The story of PeG Kehert
-Peg Older:
Peg became an author (wrote:
Abduction, The Ghost’s Grave, Escaping the Giant Wave
, and more)
age 77 now

Hospital Equipment Research
Peg Older Research
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