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Beth Gordon

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Backlash

Character Traits
Lara - sad and shy
Sydney - laid back, Lara's sister and fun
Bree - popular and mean
Liam - friendly, Bree's brother
Mom - nice and a good parent
Dad- nice and a good parent
Lara is on Face Book and she meets this nice boy on there they talk for days until......"He said I didn't belong in this world." Lara says as her Mom, Dad, and Sydney comfort her on the hospital bed. Meanwhile Sydney and Liam used to be close friends so did Bree and Lara. Bree and Lara got in a fight..... they are now enemies.
The lesson learned was:

Be kind to others even if they aren't kind back.

Compare and Contrast

I recommend this book because I like to read about drama, funny, and girly books. So if you are wanting to read something like that then you would fall in love with this book. After you read one chapter you don't want to stop, that's how awesome it is. It has great dialogue that just pulls you in. I would definitely recommend this book!
other books you might like

This Journal Belongs to Rachet

12 Finally

The Dork Diaries
Thanks for watching my presentation! I hoped you liked it!

The End!
By: Sarah Darer Littman
Prezi By: Delaney Brown
Prezi By: Delaney Brown
Lara is a very shy girl who tries
to be popular but fails. But she
has a caring mom and sister to
walk her through tough problems.
She is never mean (until one day)
to others. She has limited time on
the computer or any electronic
device. Finally she is one of the
loneliest people in the school.
How they are alike is they
like to cheer, but also a
younger sibling. They are in
the same grade and have
classes together. Even
though they have a lot in
common they refuse to talk
to each other, it's hard to
believe they were best friends
at one time.
Bree is a popular girl who has lots of friends once they became in high school they have been the "Mean Girls." She insults people by what they wear and how they talk. She has a younger brother who annoys her. And last but not least she is either on the phone or computer 24-7.
Made by: Delaney Brown
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