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Module 3

No description

Creative Products Int.

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Module 3

The days of wearing soaking wet
cotton shirts are long gone.
Microfiber improves indoor air quality and reduces dusting.
CPI 4-D Cleaning
Walls & Vertical Surfaces
CPI System Approach
Eliminate cross contamination with color coding and clean mops
CPI picks up dirt and removes it from the facility, instead of spread dirt around (soil redistribution system)
Pre-treat bucket with clean mops vs 5 gallon bucket with dirty water and mop
Better quality of cleaning cleaning with clean
Cleaning Method
Wash Boards
Clean Desktops
Dust Mop
Wet Mop
5 minutes
15 minutes
5 minutes
15 minutes
CPI System(s)
3 minutes
2 minutes
0 minutes
8 minutes
40 minutes
13 minutes
The CPI WAVE Debris Channels are design to trap more dust and dirt
Hands On ~ 2-3 hours at your facility training your staff and end-users.
Have you ever been to the theater or your home when the lighting is just right and catches the dust in the air? That dust isn't just in the light, it's everywhere.

CPI Microfiber Systems holds onto dust and dirt removing it from the building. Traditional cleaning methods redistribute a good portion of the dust and dirt and it remains in the air and facility.
Depending on the surface area and the extent to which it needs to be cleaned, CPI has a solution.

Wood flooring, light soil:
Dust mop (MDUST)
WAVE mop (eWAVE)

Tile flooring, light soil
TAB mops (WAVETAB18)

Tile flooring, heavy soil
Poly coated WAVE pocket backing does not lint and last longer
Multi-layer filament utilizing 4 different fabrics
Poly coated treatment provides better laundering
Backing construction prevents linting
Standard, single split process holds less.
CPI "TRIO-Split Technology".
More fibers to hold more dust, dirt, water and cleaning solution.
How Microfiber
is "Split"
Unlike the microfiber we clean with, furniture and apparel microfiber is very soft to the touch. That's because these fibers are not split.
Microfiber furniture is made of synthetic material that repels absorption. Liquids, oils and dirt are not easily absorbed into the furniture material. It's "held" on the outside.
Athletes today wear “quick dry” microfiber apparel.
...And What's The Difference Between A Microfiber Shirt, Couch and Cloth?
What Is

The Bello Program
Module 3

Quick Order Turn Around
Simple Systems
With More Tools
We're committed to developing the tools needed to assist you along the way.
Web & Marketing Support
Sales literature - all available online
Multiple online, interactive catalogs
Refresh - 4 Months later we
return to discuss the impact CPI Systems have had within your origination. We suggest additional plans to continue to insure your on target to reach you're intended outcome.
You Train Us - One month later
we come back to see what you’ve retained. You may even give us some good tips and insight as to how to improve our product. WE LISTEN!

Recap - We'll be come in one week to spend an additional 1-2 hours. Answering questions and getting more detail oriented.
Step Training Program
Microfiber FACT #7
Microfiber naturally holds dust, debris, and other small particles better than traditional cleaning cloths. One problem with traditional dusting is that many cleaning products such as feathers or lambs wool dusters tend to spread as much dust around the air as they do pick it up.
Microfiber FACT #6
CPI Systems reduces the risk of cross contamination.
Microfiber FACT #5
No wringing! Reduce hand, arm and shoulder injuries
No bending over — reduce back injuries
Ease-of-use allows anyone to easily use the system
CPI Systems are lighter compared to string mops
Microfiber is environmentally friendly. On average saving on the consumption of water and chemicals for cleaning is 50%
Microfiber FACT #4
Microfiber is proven to reduce cleaning times and conserve workers energy. The example below refers to classroom cleaning times.

Those small fibers are ideal for trapping dust and dirt!
< Defining Microfiber >
A combination of synthetic fibers, mostly polyester, polyamide or nylon and are less than 1 dinier in size.
CPI Microfiber goes beyond the standard splitting process. CPI Microfiber is split 3 times using "TRIO-Split Technology"

Cotton absorbs liquids into the fiber
Microfiber holds liquid on the outside of the fiber
When microfiber is submerged into a rinse cycle or washed, the soil is easily released. Allowing for a cleaner and renewed surface.
What's the difference?

That's 1/100th the diameter of a human hair

Mesh eWAVE pocket backing dries quicker in laundering and pretreats quicker in use
CPI Design Ingenuity
Saves Time & Money
The competitors loop mop balloons (expands) hindering its ability the hold dust and dirt.
CPI WAVE Microfiber remains intact and durable, even after 500 washings. Take note of the open debris channels
No "Ballooning"
The Float Test
CPI Material Is Designed To Last!
Because CPI Microfiber
Is The Best Microfiber Available
CPI Material is Designed to Last

CPI Design Ingenuity Saves Time & Money

CPI Systems Approach Revolutionizes the Way We Clean
Industrial cleaning microfiber is split.
The Microfiber we clean with is different
CPI Systems decreases the risk of work related injuries and workers compensation claims
Top 3 Reasons Why . . .
It does not have the microscopic split fibers to absorb the water, it floats on the top of the water in the "Float" test.

The water is "held" onto the microscopic fibers and the CPI material sinks to the bottom of the test beaker, proving how well the fibers "hold" on to water.
Competitor’s Mop
CPI Material Is Designed To Last!
CPI Flat Mops Clean Multiple Surfaces
The CPI PreTreat Systems Approach Revolutionizes The Way We Clean
The CPI DB2 Systems Approach Revolutionizes The Way We Clean

The Ceilings
CPIs tools are specifically designed to clean in areas not normally addressed. Ceiling tiles, fan blades vents and lighting are just a few examples.
When the CPI System approach is utilized it allows for more time to clean ares otherwise left alone.
The Walls & Vertical Surfaces
The Floors, Counter Tops & Horizontal Surfaces
The Air
Vertical Surfaces
The Company

Exceptional Training
Exceptional Training
As you walk us through how you clean with CPI Systems we will give suggestions and commentary.
Exceptional Training
Advanced online tools
Secure online "Marketing Portal"
CPI is Focused on Microfiber
Not Just Order Takers
It's why we are "The Microfiber Experts". The benefits that come with using CPI Microfiber Systems has been the core of our company from day one. Everyone CPI works with is meticulously trained to know our products inside and out.
Simplicity doesn't just apply to our Microfiber Systems, it's also a big part of our logistics. Your order will process fast and ship even faster.
Our goal is a never ending cycle of improvement to achieve a simplistic and user-friendly experience. Key elements of CPI Systems;
No red tape just exceptional personal service.
Fast order turn around from placement to end ship date
No middle men. We're the manufacturer.
All of this
Is stored here
All of this
Is stored here
Ease of use
Light weight
Versatile tools with many uses
Modular and interchangeable parts
Floors, Counter Tops & Horizontal Surfaces
The Air

CPI 4-D Cleaning encompasses;
In this example of a Florida school district the potential annual savings was
The same school district was able to recoup their investment and rack up the savings in less than a year.
CPI WAVE Microfiber is double stitched into the backing material. Our Microfiber will not tear or rip when occasionally snagged while cleaning. One more design aspect that makes our product last longer.
Double Stitching
CPI Material Is Designed To Last!
CPI is never satisfied with status quo. We believe our products and service can always improve. Our customers feed back is a big part of our success and growth.

Take a look at some of our product evolutions over the years

First there was the BLIZZARD - Looped mop
With Velcro backing
Reinforced Pockets
Then . . . the BLIZZARD - Looped mop with reinforced pockets
Then . . . the BLIZZARD - Looped mop with TABs to be used with the roller wringer
CPIs Innovations
Keep Coming
Debris channels hold and catch dirt & debris.
"Candy Striped" WAVE mop design proved to last 500+ washings with no ballooning.
eWAVE mesh backing makes pretreating nearly instant. Also saving BTUs during laundry drying.
The BLIZZARD migrated to the WAVE, our cornerstone flat mop
Then, we listen to our customers input and made the WAVE even better!
Solid, vibrant colors.
Durable stitching to last through 500+ washings!
’DB2’ evolves to 2 separate buckets
Added bins for extra storage
Two separate buckets for clean and dirty water
The DUO was developed out of need for a bucket and wringer for microfiber TUBE mops.
Buckets & Wringers
One piece divided bucket. No water seepage due to side-wall gaps.
Heavy duty 3" swivel casters
Durable, lage capacity bucket with 5 gallon rinse water & 4.5 clean water capacity
PreTreated System
The Pretreated System was introduced based on products being used in Europe for decades. The "PreTreated System" increases user productivity and prevents cross-contamination.

Over the years the PT BUCKETs
have gone through
3 major design
Mop Frames & Handles
Pocket frame has gone through 2 design improvements to the ePOCKET of today.
Then . . .
Telescopic handles have gone through 3 design improvements to the eHANDLE of today.
CPIs introduction of Pretreating TROWEL Pads for easy cleaning prevented dirty hands.
(fall 2013)
Then . . .
Pretreat cloths to eliminate spray bottles
eCLEAN - 2 cloths in 1!
300gm microfiber cloth & MGLASS cloth on the flip side.
A complete
Pre-treat cart.
A complete cleaning and storage system.
eCART (fall 2013)
Why CPI Microfiber
This Concludes Module 3
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