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The Great Gatsby AS Revision

No description

Rachel Dorning

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby AS Revision

The Great Gatsby AS Revision Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Context!! Time of prosperity - ECONOMIC BOOOOM! More ordinary citizens able to buy cars and other luxuries - more money to spend $$$ Women became more independent - flappers were common
short dresses
short hair
cigarettes ETC Jazz music popular Prohibition era - alcohol BANNED! Nick Carraway begins his narration, introducing himself and the novel's other major characters: Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Nick's mysterious neighbour, Jay Gatsby. Nick admires Gatsby even though he represents everything Nick hates about NYC "he represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn" Nick likes structure and order (episodic chapters). As a narrator he is both involved and withdrawn. Tom and Daisy's marriage is glamorous on the surface to cover up an inner emptiness. "Daisy and Tom looked at each other for a long moment, only in silence." Tom introduces Nick to his mistress, Myrtle Wilson.
They go to an apartment in New York, where a small party takes place, involving Myrtle's sister Catherine, a photographer named McKee and his wife. Tom feels no guilt for betraying Daisy with Myrtle. George Wilson starkly contrasts with Tom. He is a handsome man who lacks money, privilege and vitality. "Blond, spiritless man...faintly handsome." The party scene continues to build up the mystery that surrounds Jay Gatsby.

He has yet to make an appearance.

He is a mysterious character
and this builds anticipation for
us to find out who he is. Chapter 3 A larger party is staged at Gatsby's mansion.
Nick meets Jordan there. He notes that lurid speculation concerning Gatsby's past is rife, and then he has his first meeting with the man himsel.
The evening ends with a car accident outside the big house. This party highlights 1920's wealth and glamour - "among the whispering, the champagne and the stars."
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