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World Bank Institute

August 20th, 2012

Rachel Kornak, GISP

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of World Bank Institute

Using Science and Technology Smart Cultural
Preservation Sustainable Natural
Management Economics
& Jobs Clean
Energy Budget &
Resource Allocation GeoDesign Tough
Challenges Who We Are Our Approach Case Studies Climate
Change Partners Many
Alternatives Multiple
Stakeholders Multiple
Priorities Compare Alternative
Resource Allocations Science Technology People Policy Justify Results Dynamic
Systems Stakeholders can provide direct feedback Sources Priorities Alternatives Impacts Online
Discussions Maps Open, Accessible, Transparent Best
Choice Limited Resources Cooperation
Necessary Open &
Transparent Flood Control Clean Energy Shipping Recreation Climate Change Drinking Water Habitat Models to Assign Consistent Value Metrics to Diverse Goals Tools & Models Jobs Assign Value Based on User Input Alter Priorities Recreation Public Policy Job Creation Clean Energy Endangered Species Tools and Models Desert Ecosystem Visualize and Quantify Project Impacts Understand Impacts of Proposed Projects Make Sense of Complexity Project
Managers Geospatial
Scientists Developers Cooperative Research & Development Team values facts opinions data goals rules Spatial Decision
Support Systems multi-objective
decision analysis spatial
analysis modeling participation
techniques fuzzy
logic workflows interactive
mapping web-based
applications Reusable Tool Kit Build a Foundation For Smart Decisions connections Innovative Approach Building Blocks Models Data Why Tradeoffs Reports Where Decision Analysts Redlands, CA Our Partners Future Vision Open Data... Open Decisions Collaborate with new partners.
Apply our tools to new geographies, industries and problems. Future Vision $15B? structured plan framework Location
Matters Tough Challenges Outputs Collaborative Open, Accessible Challenges Rachel Kornak, GISP Smart Decisions What are your Tough Challenges ?
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