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How to be a Girly-Girl in Just 10 Days

Isabel's l/a project

Annie Drew

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of How to be a Girly-Girl in Just 10 Days

How to be a Girly-Girl in Just 10 Days
By: Lisa Papademetriou Plot! * A teenager named Nicolette Spicer isn't sure of herself. She thinks that she is too much of a tomboy to be good enough for high school. She and her best friend Lindsay go shopping and try to be 'better' than they already are. They think that they can impress guys and the popular girls in her grade by putting on more makeup and acting older, but it really ends up just ruining their self esteem. Setting This book takes place in our time, at an average high school in America. Theme The theme of this book is don't change yourself. You're unique,
no one is just like you. Hardly anyone is worth changing for, and the
people who are won't make you. Recommendation I personally love this book. I usually don't like the 'Candy Apple' books, but I like the theme of this book. It really showed me that I should be myself. On the other hand, if you happened to see it in a library, you would think it was the stupidest book ever, and it's not worth reading. That isn't true, it's much better than you would think. I would reccomend it to older girls. (Ages 10+) I give it 4 stars. Is this a series? No, this is not a series, but this publisher has many similar books. Main Characters: Nick: She is the main character. She is a complete
tomboy, and her main interest is athletics.
Lindsay: She is Nickolette's best friend. She loves
drama, and she thinks that she can make Nickolette's life
better. Ben: He is the guy Nick likes. He is one of the main
reasons Nick tries to change her appearence. He's really popular, and intimidating. http://www.lipglossandlaptops.com/podcast/?p=333 http://sivers.org/high-school http://brentwood.thefuntimesguide.com/2007/06/brentwood_and_ravenwood_high_s.php http://www.salsanewyork.com/ http://www.bakati.com/s~q-candy-apple-books.aspx http://celebrationtowncenter.com/shopping http://www1.shopping.com/ten-apples-up-on-top-new/products http://www.funmunch.com/comments/good_bye/
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