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Hepatitis B Infection & Treatment

No description

Vanessa Bastidas

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Hepatitis B Infection & Treatment

My doctor said I have hepatitis B, but I am a silent carrier. Does that mean I don't have the disease? What does it mean to have hepatitis B? Infection At Birth 2020 90% will develop into chronic infection

Most do not display symptoms Infection
As An Adult 5-10% will develop chronic infection

1/3 will display jaundice, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and sometimes death. Fulminant hepatitis Infection by Age 1975 So I am a carrier for life, but I have heard that I can recover from it. Is that possible? Fight of the virus Chronic Infection Infection and Possible Outcomes If you are a carrier Next Steps: Treatment Diagnosed with Hepatitis B Is there treatment? I guess I have a chronic infection. Do I need hospitalization for treatment? Lead a normal LIFE! Hepatitis B is a disease of the liver that is often asymptomatic. The Structure of Hepatitis B Treatment
Regular check-ups and treatments can reduce chances of liver cirrhosis and cancer. Without regular monitoring or treatment

of infected patients will die of liver failure, cirrhosis, or cancer. 15% - 25% Treatment Treatment Not all chronic infections require treatment. Hepatitis Infection & Outcomes B SMART HEPATITIS Checkpoint Know to check for treatment Describe 3 infection processes Describe 3 possible outcomes of Hepatitis B Describe which ages are most prone to disease Test Your Knowledge What best describes the symptoms of someone infected with hepatitis B? May not have symptoms, life-long infection, not
infectious, no need to monitor for liver damage. Have symptoms, life-long infection, infectious, no need for monitor for liver damage. May not have symptoms, life-long infection,
infectious, must monitor for liver damage. May not have symptoms, life-long infection, not
infectious, must monitor for liver damage. May not have symptoms, life-long infection,
infectious, must monitor for liver damage. All individuals chronically infected with hepatitis B:
• May or may not have symptoms
• Are infected for life
• Can unknowingly transmit the virus to someone else
• Do not benefit from the hepatitis B vaccine
• Must be monitored for liver damage and liver cancer at regular intervals.

The presence of HBsAg in the bloodstream for more than 6 months, regardless of other markers, indicates chronic carriage. All chronic carriers should be regularly monitored for liver damage and liver cancer, and should have their household members and sexual partners vaccinated. Healthy Liver Chronic Infection Liver Cirrhosis Liver Cancer Liver Cancer without Cirrhosis How the HepB
Virus Harms the Liver
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