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All Dog Adventures Presentation

No description

Gina Pido

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of All Dog Adventures Presentation

Thank you!
All Dog Adventures
Presentation by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch
Mark Shank, Marc Rosen, Pamela Gomez, & Gina Pido

Through real life examples, we will display the actionable qualities All Dog Adventures teaches.
Agility classes are a great way to strengthen the muscle abilities of your canine, but more importantly you (as an owner) can establish a profound connection with your dog.
Agility classes are a great way to become closer to your dog
ADA shows owners that their services are for them and how their actions shape their dogs.

Social Media
Tim, Auto & Jackson
Tim & his wife attended classes for approximately 3 years
Wife is responsible for Tim getting involved
Learned about being patient with yourself
Learning experiences from ADA apply to real life
Dog will model how YOU behave
ADA gives dogs a chance
Jean McNeal & Zeke
Key Insight
Actions of the owners reflect in the
actions of their dogs.
Target Market
Happy dog = happy person/owner
Dog & Owner must both be dedicated to learn
It’s just as much about the person, as much as it is about the dog
Lots of patience is required
Both the owner and dog benefit from the training
Improves dog’s self confidence to make
Heard about program through sister
Attended classes for the past year
Jean & Zeke have come a long way
Zeke learned manners & control
Humans learn as much as dogs
Female, ages 30-40
These are well established individuals
with families. These are very dedicated
dog owners.
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