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Teen Crashes & Collisions

Assessment 05.02

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Teen Crashes & Collisions

Why is this topic a problem, especially for teen drivers?
Teenagers crashes keep increasing everyday. Mayority of the time its due to intoxication or them using their phone.

Find two statistics that prove your topic is a problem for teen drivers.
In 2013 nearly 4,000 drivers 15 to 20 years old were involved in fatal crashes.
Nationally, 963,000 teen drivers were involved in police-reported motor vehicle crashes in 2013, which resulted in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths.

List the websites where these statistics were found.
What groups are currently working to solve this problem?

Name one group and explain what it is doing.
CDC supports the laws and rules most states have for teen drivers. Also incourages you to follow them.

Name a second group and explain what it is doing.
MADD is seeking to stop drunk driving. Supports the law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and supports the making of technology that can detect if you are intoxicated automatically.

List the websites where this information was found.
What is something else that can be done to help solve or alleviate this problem?

I will show high school students a short entertaining video but educational on how to be safe and why to be safe. The consequences of drunk driving and using your phone. Also the statistics of teen crashes and how many deaths are caused by it.
Using your idea about how to solve this problem, list two actions you can take that will make more people aware of this issue.

One thing I can do is: Show a small educational video in high schools proving information of the teen crashes statistics and give them tips on how to be safe.

Another thing I can do is: Enforce the law that it is illegal to use your phone while driving.
By: Liz Martinez
Teen Crashes & Collisions
Assessment 05.02
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