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Prezi Guidelines for Students

A guideline for students creating Prezis.

Whitney York

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Guidelines for Students

Guidelines for Creating Your Prezi
Start off with a title that might include pictures to illustrate the main point of your Prezi.
Decide on your topic
Complete the pre-writing form
Begin putting the information into Prezi
Consider organization, layout, and motion.
4 Steps To Create Your Prezi
Introduce your topic in 3-4 short statements
Answer the important who, what, when, where, why & how questions
Engage and connect with your audience while letting us know about the "Big Idea"
Don't forget to use images to draw your audience in
5 Topics
Organize the rest of your Prezi into 5 main points/topics
Each topic should have at least 2 details to support it
For Example:
If my presentation was about Louisville...
Where is Louisville?
Topic 1
Louisville is situated on the Ohio River in north-central Kentucky at the Falls of the Ohio
The Metropolitan area of Louisville includes Jefferson County plus 12 outlying counties, 8 in Kentucky and 4 in Indiana
Detail #1
Detail #2
Louisville Sports
Topic 2
Louisville also has a minor league baseball team, The Bats, that feed into the Cincinatti Reds
University of Louisville's Cardinals are consistently top ranked in multiple sports
Detail #1
Detail #2
Continue on until you have all 5 topics and sufficient detail
Other Guidelines
Your Prezi should be organized to best explain/illustrate your topic
Consider creative layouts
Look at other Prezi's for inspiration
Use zooming to enhance the presentation
Put objects inside other objects or hide them
Don't make your audience sick with the movement! Make it creative but ensure the flow is good.
Of Titles & Main Points
Of all points/topics
Use periods/commas correctly
Double check all spelling
Click Help at the top of your Prezi for quick tips and a tutorial
Watch the videos posted on Edmodo for help and instructions
View other Prezis for tips, helpful creating guidelines, and lots of inspiration and ideas to incorporate in your own Prezi
Finishing Up
Double check the guidelines
Go over the rubric
Watch, have a friend watch, and watch again to double check all aspects
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