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Trail of Tears Game

No description

Aria Sivick

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Trail of Tears Game

Choose your own adventure! The Trail of Tears What's your name? Ashwin - Strong Horse Asmita - Pride Atman - Self Baka - Crane You are part of the Cherokee tribe You specialize in... a. Healing
b. Farming
c. Building
d. Teaching
e. Rituals
f. Leading What is that? What is that? You see a strange ship on the horizon, heading to your land. You... a. run and tell others
b. stare at the ship
c. prepare to defend your land You run and tell others They don't believe you and go to see for themselves You stare at the ship You recognize it as an English ship. You've heard various things about the English. Hopefully they mean well. Better tell the Chief. You prepare to defend your land You have no doubts, war is at hand. No one has the right to land on your home. They could mean danger! After your warning to your tribe... The tribe gathers and the chief arrives. You... a. Take matters into your hands
b. Listen to the chief
c. Run away in fear You take matters into your own hands! You gather a secret clan and hide weapons to use when the foreigners arrive Oops...caught by the chief You are caught carrying weapons to the secret location by the shore. The chief restores them to the storeroom. You are also shunned by the tribe, and are forced to wait back at camp until the English arrive You listen to the chief obediently The chief says to remain peaceful and greet the newcomers with friendliness, not with war You run away in fear You hate the idea of change and danger. Despite what your friends have said, you retreat to camp with 2 others. Well...at least you weren't alone Your tribe is dissapointed by you along with your family. You've only increased your fear of the unknown. They arrive with their massive ship. It has been many moons a. You are comfortable and go on as usual
b. You become suspicious and turn cold You are comfortable and go on as usual... You teach the English all you know, and you start to adapt to their customs as well. They educate your children to become fluent in the English language You aren't going to benefit yourself or your tribe Being a spoil-sport won't get you anywhere, try socializing and being able to adapt to change. It does wonders The English build their own society The friendship of Major Ridge and John Ross build The year is 1827 A treaty arises, and as a whole your Cherokee tribe adapts to it. The treaty is made so that you can coexist with your white neighbors Some of your population is moving to Arkansas, you... a. Go with them
b. Stay where you are You attempt to go with them But! Your family is not able to move. Your elders forbid it, and turn you away from temptation. Nice try. You stay where you are You sense that trouble is approaching, but you listen to your elders and continue to work in your specialty and help the English ONE YEAR LATER Andrew Jackson is elected president This can't be good. Change All was well for one year until the election. Now... You hear of the Indian Removal Act. It hasn't been passed yet, but something must be done! What do you do? a. Stay with your family
b. Protest the act and Jackson himself You stay with your family Meanwhile...gold has been discovered on your land, and the English are getting greedy. And violent. To protest! You gather signatures and venture to court where you protest the unfairness and maltreatment. You then hear about the gold issue and rush back home to protect your family. Two Years Later the act is passed
the english have taken advantage
you've lost all right to anything you've owned
you are forced out of your land violently Do you... a. fight your way out of your village
b. come quietly You don't give up yet and fight! Out of the 6,000 english troops, you don't do any damage. However, you are beaten brutally and weakened for the 200 mile march You go quietly and peacefully A few glares and snickers are better than a violent beating... After... a long winter
bitter treatment
200 miles
and disease You arrive. You are the only survivor of your family. You are forced to settle and build a new life in native land. And they appear to mean no harm. Thank goodness you greeted them with kindness. The chief always knows and the Gods have protected you. Hmmm...strange hat And you have been living with the English peacefully...
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