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show your talent


Norma Galvis

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of show your talent

DANIELA MINKOVA The population movement between Tokyo and other prefectures in 2006 showed a total movement of 785,000 persons with 438,000 persons moving into Tokyo while 347,000 persons moved out, for a net social increase of 90,000 persons. With the exception of 1985, there was a prevailing trend of depopulation since 1967, until a net population increase was seen for the first time in twelve years in 1997. 2006 again showed a net increase. People in Tokyo How big is the ZED community? How many people in ZED are non-japanese? How is the education in ZED? What are some major or important events that
have or will happen in ZED? ZED Community The company has more than 4,000 employees
from over 40 different countries, including 1,000 artists. They come from many places example: U.S.A Italy Mexico Spain Colombia Brazil Canada France Russia Israel Ukraine China Japan Australia Ecuador Venezuela Moldova England Taiwan South Africa HISTORY OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL From who start the idea of
cirque du soleil? “From a man called Guy Laliberte. Guy Laliberté was born in Quebec, Canada in 1959. As a young man, he dreamed of founding a circus company. He honed a variety of skills and began his career as a street performer. Cirque du Soleil was actually founded in 1984, when Guy Laliberté presented a proposal for a show by the same name to a board in Quebec that was organizing celebrations surrounding the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s arrival in Canada." When they started? They started on 1984, and the first show
that he present to the people was called
Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil. Pictures and description
of the first show How is life on Tour, like what
they do together, do they
spend time together after the show? Yes. They do everything together
. Eat, Live, work and Play together all the
time. It’s like being in a big family. How many people in Cirque are not Japanese? It’s about 95% of the people. How is the education in cirque? You have to be on tour, you have
to be an artist or children of the artist. How many schools are in tour? There are 5 touring schools and 2 schools at
resident’s shows (one in TKY and one in Vegas) How many teachers are with Cirque? We have a staff of 12 teachers. Cirque Du Soleil Community How many kids are in schools tour? This year, we have 33 students in
all the CDS schools combined. Is there anything else interesting about
the schools you want to share with me? Our students range from grade 1 to grade 11. We offer the English and the French programs, in addition to the immersion programs for allophone students. Our schools are torn down every 6-8 weeks and loaded into transport trucks. Everything is on wheels. We set up schools in rental trailers. I could go on and on. But from a student’s point of view, I think the coolest thing about touring schools is the potential for interesting and dynamic outings. -Horseback riding in the Arizona desert. -Camping in the Rockies. -World-class museums and art galleries. -Surfing in Rio. -Salsa dancing in Miami. Population of non-japanese
people in Tokyo? History of Tokyo It's About 45% of the People. In ZED there is touring, there are parties(ex. Christmas, halloween party), excursions and some times the ZED show gets to travel to DisneyLand or other exciting places and preform there! What was old Tokyo called? Edo. Proportion of Workers in Tokyo Metropolis
by Place of Residence. Population Commuting into Tokyo Metropolis by Prefecture (2000). What changed In the year 1868 when Tokyo was young? The clothes, the houses, the furniture,
the people and the city of Edo. (Tokyo.) When did Edo become Tokyo? 1868. 2.8% of the People in Tokyo are non-Japanese. What were some major differences beetween
old tokyo and new Tokyo? Well, in old Tokyo everybody used to wear kimono’s and traditional clothes but in modern new Tokyo everybody now wears normal clothes like skirts, shorts, t-shirts, jeans and dresses. Another thing is that in old tokyo everybody used to live in small houses with 2-3 rooms at the most and the furniture inside the house was small enough for one person to sit on. By: Norma Galvis, Deyvi Navas,
Daniela Minkova. The ZED community is about 1000 people put together because there are many people working in the ZED show to amaze other people. In ZED we work on computers all the time and we have class on then too. We talk to our teachers through the computers that are on the other side of the world and we are not a public school. The school is only for children of artists that work in ZED. Because we are a small school and there are only three teachers and 10 students we don’t need a big school, instead we have put school on the second floor of a small building. We got to our local park across the road to play during lunch. Our everyday routine involes us getting to school before nine and then starting at 9 o’clock. Then we log into class through the computer and we finish class at 11:30am. Then until 12 o’clock we have an extra half our to do our work before it is lunch time. At lunch we all sit together at a table in the lunch room and we eat our lunch. At the same time we talk to eachother and discuss about our day, what happened during class or what we are going to play during lunch. After we finish eating we put on out shoes and jackets and head outside to the park. Sometimes we bring balls or frisbee’s to play but usually we play hide and seek or freeze tag. Because we are such a small group we alll respect eachother and play together. We all play fair and everyone has a turn at playing something or doing something. Sometimes too make it even fair we make a roster and so every day someoe will get to pick what they want to play and everybody else plays it. Five minutes before 1 o’clock we leave the park and head towards our school. We arrive at exactly 1 o’clock just in time to hear the bell ring. Then until three we continue our work. At he end of the day we all say bye to eahother and head home. Sometimes if we all leave at the same time we walk home together since some of us live in the same place. Then we say bye. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Theatre Tokyo A sun soaked home at the Tokyo Disney ResortThe Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo, a resident theatre for Cirque du Soleil, opened its doors at the Tokyo Disney Resort®. It is a resident theatre on a colossal scale exclusively designed for ZED™, Cirque du Soleil's original show in Japan, which is gaining worldwide attention. The theatre together with the story creates a beautiful one of a kind art form. Cirque du Soleil will present you with an exhilarating one of a kind show that you can only experience at Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo.Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo is a new symbol of Cirque du Soleil in Asia. It is a uniquely fascinating theatre on an unprecedented scale, exclusively designed to present Cirque du Soleil’s original show in Japan “ZED”. The distinctive Theatre roof formed with polyhedrons is designed in the image of a circus tent, the very beginnings of Cirque du Soleil. It is specifically designed to harness the sun’s rays from any direction. The exterior presents an appearance, which is befitting to Cirque du Soleil, the Circus of the Sun. ZED history When do they create the show? They create the show in 2007. Opening day? October 1st , 2008 Soft opening? First week of august.
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