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UTSC Broadcast (uSeekers)

No description

nour bakr

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of UTSC Broadcast (uSeekers)


The idea: is the broadcasting channel for UTSC . A channel that will broadcast in and out of campus grounds that will bring students closer to the public and vice versa.
In order to start right , WE need:
Organization is key, So that means that anyone who is interested in uSeekers must inform me what section of operation they would like to be part of. ( Broadcasting, videographing, production/ editing and photographing) or ( Outreach and communication ).
Such role has its duties... later on in this presentation such duties and roles will be discussed
Planning and deadlines
We need to have meetings in order to plan our 1st steps . This means all members should reply to the polls that determine when our meetings will be held.
Deadlines : We should know and have material up before September.
we will need our own page on Facebook/Twitter and this should happen after our 1st meeting. Facebook/Twitter management will be one of the duties that a person will have if they are under outreach and communication.
We will also launch our own website again this will be under outreach and communication.
We will of course have a Youtube channel which will also be under outreach and communication.
Sections of operation include:
A broadcaster will choose what program that is part of uSeekers they would like be part of.

A broadcaster is responsible for researching their own stories and topics and should be able to meet deadlines in an orderly fashion.

The broadcaster is also responsible for keeping upper management updated about what they are working on.

The broadcaster and the videographer are a team and are both responsible for the delivery of their material and work.
Videographers are responsible for scheduling date, time and place with the broadcaster they are working with.

Like before noted the videograoher and the broadcaster are a team and are responsible for thr delivery of their own material and work.

The videographer also has the option to choose what kind of work he or she would like to do.

Videographer is responsible for editing the material they have shoot unless they are appointed an editor to edit their their work.
Production and editing team will be responsible for gathering
the work and material, making sure it is at the highest quality
uSeekers can produce.

Production and quality is key to our success and therefore is highly important.

As uSeekers starts the production and editing team shall be broken down to different teams that will work with different broadcasters and videographers.
Photographers will be working with broadcaster and videographers if needed.

Their role is essential to outreach and communication. They will provide the martial that would spread on our online platforms.

Them being on the scene of news, events and more is like quick updates for our audience until video and audio material is up.
Outreach and communication
The outreach and communication team like the production and editing team will be broken down to different teams.

We will have the graphic design/photography team that will be responsible promoting and advertising . They will also be responsible for our websites and all media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube).

The internal communication team will be responsible for communication with different units , groups and departments on campus. This means they are responsible for setting meetings with other units, groups and departments as well as emails and phone calls.

The external communication team will be responsible for communication with the public, communities and different organizations. Again, This means they are responsible for setting meetings with the public, communities and different organizations as well as emails and phone calls.
Will be national but also INTERNATIONAL broadcast
We will begin our channel with three different programs.

There will be a program that will covers events on campus which is called UTSC minutes and there will be a section which covers events off campus.
UTSC out and about, This program will be about places and people. So for an example if a broadcaster is in France , he or she will introduce the place and its people , tell the audience about a place they have never been too.
Lastly is uSeekers News, which will be broken down to two
different parts: uSeekers national and uSeekers international.

uSeekers national will cover campus and national news while uSeekers international will cover international news

IF you have any question, please contact Nour Bakr
email: none1995@hotmail.com

Also feel free to reach me through Facebook

Will officially be known and called uSeekers
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