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On the Run: Now You See Me, Now You Don't Book Summary

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blake sykes

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of On the Run: Now You See Me, Now You Don't Book Summary

Now You See Them,
Now You Don't

Gordon Korman

"Now You See Them, Now You Don't", mainly takes place in Los Angeles, at a rehabilitation center, a foreclosed suburb house, the L.A.X. airport, and Venice Beach.
-- Aiden
-- Meg
-- Bo
-- Teebz
-- Viv
-- The "IC"
-- Frank Lindenauer
-- Hairless Joe
-- Zapp
-- Emanuel Harris
-- L.A.P.D.
The conflict of "Now You See Them, Now You Don't", that Aiden and Meg Falconer have to prove their parents innocent, because they were framed for giving away very important information to terrorists.
Chapter 1
In chapter 1, Aiden and Meg, disguised as "Gary" and "Erik", were headed to Los Angeles, California, in search for Frank Lindenauer, the person they believe can prove their parents innocence. As they go through the medal detectors, Aiden sets it off because of a metal pen in his back pocket. Once Aiden and Meg get to Los Angeles, they wrote a letter to their parents, and try to find a non-airport mail service to mail it from.
In chapter 2, on their way to Los Angeles, their plane had a two-hour plane change in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so they found a non-airport postal service and sent their letter to their parents. Once Aiden and Meg get back on the plane, a guy recgonizes Aiden and Meg from somewhere,so Meg lies and says they are normally on that flight on their way to see there dad in L.A. After that, a newspaper falls and has them two on the front, so they have to fight off of the plane, then they jumped into a luggage cart full of suitcases and bags.
Chapter 2:

Chapter 1:
Chapter 3:
In chapter 3, Aiden and Meg enter a warehouse in the airport while in the luggage carts, and once they get out of the carts, workers start to chase them, so they enter a "Hertz" bus, then took a taxi to Franks apartment, while Harris is at the hotel in Boston that Aiden and Meg stayed at with their moms frequent flyer points to try and find them. Harris had put a tracker on the frequent flyer account, then goes to L.A. to search for Aiden and Meg there.
Chapter 4:
In chapter 4, Aiden and Meg made it to Franks apartment, only to find out he moved out a few years back, so they told the super gave them a box full of Franks stuff he left when he moved out, after Meg told the super that he was their dad.
Chapter 5:
In chapter 5, Aiden and Meg open the box full of Franks stuff, and find a key with the number "347" on it and, "SMRC" on it. Then Aiden sees a teenager try to knife another teenager, so he tackles the one with the knife, and then the police come to the scene, so Aiden and Meg start to run away from the scene.
Chapter 6:
In chapter 6, Aiden and Meg go to "@leaves.net" an internet cafe,to look at their moms frequent flyer points, and to see where they are going to stay. While they are there, an orange Chevy El Camino kept circling the internet cafe they were in, and once they leave the cafe, the El Camino starts following them. The guys in the El Camino ended up being the teenager that Aiden saved, and his gang. He chased them because he wanted to say thanks to Aiden.
Chapter 7:
In chapter 7, Aiden and Meg were cornered by the El Camino, and were caught lying by Bo, only that Meg was a girl, and didn't pass as a boy. Then Bo took them to his "gang" headquarters. Bo wants Aiden and Meg to stay with them at the HQ for the night.
Chapter 8:
In chapter 8, Aiden and Meg did stay at the HQ for the night, but Bo keeps trying to figure tham out, and what they are hiding. Whilst getting ready for bed, Aiden asks Bo if he knew what SMRC meant, but he didn't know. While trying to fall asleep, Aiden was questioning whether or not his parents were innocent or not.
Chapter 9:
In chapter 9, Aiden has to sleep in a sleeping bag, because Aiden had the bed. Also, while sleeping, Aiden has a dream that he is reliving the day that he had swarms of news reporters asking him about what happened, but this time he had more accurate knowledge than before. Later, Aiden finds Zapp in the bathroom counting a load of counterfeit money, and says that Aiden is his new partner.
Chapter 10:
In chapter 10, Bo had two IC members with him, and he had bloody knuckles. Next, Teebz drove Aiden and Meg back to Venice. After, Aiden and Meg go back to @leaves.net to search for a hotel, and a guy has SMRC on his bag, Santa Monica Racquet Club. Later, Aiden and Meg seen Zapp selling counterfeit money, and Zapp wanted to know why Aiden and Meg are wanted. Lastly, they found Harris at a police station in L.A.
Chapter 11:
In chapter 11, Aiden and Meg go on a forceful car ride with Zapp. Aiden, Meg, and Zapp got nervous when Harris got near the car, but then he walked right on by without saying a word. Aiden got punched by Zapp, and Meg tried to attack Zapp. Aiden starts to get the feeling that they are in a dangerous place, especially with Zapp.
Chapter 12:
In chapter 12, Aiden and Meg go to the SMRC, and Meg "passes out" to trick the guy at the desk so Aiden can go down to the locker room. When Aiden gets down to the locker room, he opens the locker to find a vanilla envelope. In the envelope is information about the charity. While looking through the envelope, they see Frank on an advertisement poster for a rehab center.
Chapter 13:
In chapter 13, Aiden and Meg call the number on the rehab poster, and realize Frank is in the rehab center for amnesia. Later, Aiden and Meg see Zapp with sports jersey while they are on the bus.
Chapter 14:
In chapter 14, Aiden and Meg find out they have a $25,000 bounty over them, and Harris is called to meet with Zapp about turning in Aiden and Meg.
Chapter 15:
In chapter 15, Aiden and Meg are headed to a rehabilitation center on a bus. Bo calls the rehab center after he sees the pic of Frank, and realizes the number is fake, so he is going to go and save Aiden and Meg from the trap. Zapp calls the police on his way to the rehab center.
Chapter 16:
In chapter 16, Aiden and Meg go to the rehab center, and Aiden is mistaken for a highschooler named Jonathan by an old lady, named Mrs. Metcalfe. Then Meg ran into Hairless Joe.
Chapter 17:
In chapter 17, Aiden escapes from the old lady, and gets pushed right back into the room by Meg to hide from Hairless Joe, so they hid under the bed. Then someone was knocking on the door, and they thought that it was Hairless Joe.
Chapter 18:
In chapter 18, Bo finds Aiden and Meg hiding under the bed, and he was the one knocking on the door. While trying to escape, Aiden and Meg see Harris at the front desk with their Sunnydale mugshots, so they ran for the exit and found Hairless Joe, then Bo got knocked out by Hairless Joe, after the three of them found him behind another door. Aiden attemts to kill Hairless Joe with shock paddles.
Chapter 19:
In chapter 19, Aiden shocked Hairless Joe with the shock paddles, and thought he killed him, and then Aiden has an idea to escape from one of his dads novels, which was riding wheelchairs out of a window into a flower bed, which they did after running from the cops.Bo tells Teebs to distract the police so Aiden and Meg could run.
Chapter 20:
Chapter 21:
In chapter 20, Aiden and Meg realized it's them against the world. Aiden and Meg send Harris on a mission to arrest Zapp doing his illegal trade with counterfeit money.
In chapter 21, Aiden and Meg found the street sign with the changed name. They went to @leaves.net to find out the road they needed to go to got its name changed.
By: Blake Sykes
Hr. 5
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