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The Birthplace of Three Religions

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Nate w

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of The Birthplace of Three Religions

The Birthplace of Three Religions
Introduction to The Birthplace of Three Religions
Long ago, in Southwestern Asia, three religions were created very near eachother. My project outlines these three religions and shows how they have spread, changed, and shows their effect on the Southwestern Asia of today.
History of Islam
Islam is one of the three major world religions that developed in Southwestern Asia. Islam is a monotheistic religion. Islam was founded in the early 600s A.D., when a man from Mecca named Muhammad recieved news from Allah, or God.
Where They Began
Islam Continued
Followers of Islam believe in Allah, or God. They also believe in prophets, such as: Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad. They believe Muhammad is the most prominent, and last, prophet. They have a holy book called the Quran. The Quran
holds within it the revelations that Muhammad received from Allah. Muslims also follow the Five Pillars of Islam, which help strengthen their faith.
Spread of Islam
Islam religion spread through the rule of the Muslims throughout Asia and Africa, and through trade. By the 1500s A.D., Islam had spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Southwest Asia, Southeast Europe, and a bit of India, aswell.
The Spread of Islam
Today, Islam has about 1.6 billion followers all across the globe. Today, Indonesia and Pakistan have the largest population of Muslim people.
History of Judaism
Judaism was founded by Abraham. Abraham lived in Southern Mesopotamia in 1800 B.C. According to the Jewish Bible, God told Abraham to move the church to Canaan. This is where the religion was fortified and created. Canaan includes Jerusalem.
Judaism Continued
Jews believe in one God, which was an odd belief at the time their religion was created. The Hebrew Bible is the most important and holy book of the Jews. It teaches Jewish legacy and shows how to live a just life. It's known as the Torah.
Spread of Judaism
The spread of Judaism is today known as Disporosa. Judaism spread through the migration of the Jewish people. They were often discriminated against and had to move all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. In 1948, modern Israel was established. Today, there are some
History of Christianity
Spread of Judaism Continued
Christianity started as a monotheistic religion, as it is today. Christians believe a Jewish man named Jesus was killed and rose again to tell people the good news of God.
15 million Jews in the world. Judiasm is most popular in Israel today.
Christianity Continued
The holy book of Christians is the Christian Bible. It has the Old and New Testaments. The Old deals with life before Jesus and the prophets. The new deals with Jesus' life.
Spread of Christianity
Today, Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It has over two billion followers. It has spread in many ways throughout history. The first large spread was when Christianity became the official religon of Rome. When
How Have the Three Religions Impacted Southwest Asia?
Spread of Christianity Continued
According to BBC News, lots of fighting goes on in Southwest Asia over religous beliefs by Muslim Extremists. This of course, is a negative effect.

them Christianity. This worked the same with European kingdoms. If they conquered a land or made a colony, Christianity came with them. Christianity is most popular in Europe and America.
Similarities Among the Three Religions
Fighting in Syria
People have been fighting in Southwest Asia for a long time. Ever since Judaism began.
All three of the religions are monotheistic. All three religions all have a holy book which they learn from and base their beliefs upon. All three religions were made at about the same place.
Differences Among the Three Religions
Although the three religions have a lot in common, they are also different in many ways. To start, they all have different beliefs from their different holy books. They were all disperesed differently, as well. Today, all of them are more densely populated in different
countries and continents.




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