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Literature Circles: Roles and procedures

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Haley Rippey

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Literature Circles: Roles and procedures

Literature Circles A literature circle is when a group meets to discuss a common novel that they are reading. Everyone has a role in the literature circle. During each literature circle meeting students will...
A.) Use written or drawn notes to guide the group’s reading and discussion, according to the role you are filling for the session.
B.) Be open and make sure that everyone has a chance to participate.
C.) Remember that personal stories that connect to the reading and open-ended questions about the text are welcome.
Roles in the group Group Guide: this person will lead the discussion and keep everyone on track. This person will also fill out the evaluation form and turn in everyone's assignments. Questioner: this person writes questions that the story has made him/her think of. These questions may start with "I wonder why..." or "how come?" or What if..." Connector: this person must make three connections from the book to something else, such as another book or story, a movie, something in the real world or to an actual person. (text to text, text to self, text to world) Vocabulary Finder: This person will find words that he/she does not understand in the text. Then, this person will be responsible for finding the correct definition and explain it to the group. Artist: This person must draw 3 pictures about something from the reading selection for that day. It must be done neatly and in color.
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